Times SquareJason Stokes brought up this topic in the Forums and I thought it would be a great topic to kick off a new year here at STL Hops. Here are a couple of resolutions from members of the STL Hops Forums:

Rencelas (Jason Stokes):

1. No more cellar stuff until I drink what I’ve got in there. I’ve spent far, far too much during 2009 on cellar beer. I started the year with no cellar, now I’ve got over 100 bottles.
2. I’m only buying local products in 2009, from local vendors. Unfortunately, that also means beer, so I’m going to purchase Schlafly, O’Fallon, Mattingly, Square One, Buffalo, etc., only.

Sam Huff:

1. Complete a kegerator
2. Brew up a “house ale” that it enjoyable by all
3. Make my first all grain beer.

bigelo1016 (Mark Pruitt)

1) Going to live up to the promise I made my wife ” Once I buy all this brewing equipment, I won’t have to buy as much beer”
2) Actually focus on one my homebrews and learn how to make the same beer good again and again. Consistency
3) Get as crazy with the Bigelos beer list as I can (With our new consultant Jared)

scottyp (Scott Pesek)

1. drink beer

psyphinx (Jerid Saffel)

Finally finish my Brutus 10 brewing system (I only need some disconnects, 2 lids for the keggles, and 3 shorter gas pipes).
Focus on helping Mattingly succeed.
Brew bigger peek a brew batches.

Personally, I plan on brewing more of the beer I drink and getting some more merchandise up in the STL Hops shop. What are some of your resolutions?