This was actually kind of tough, there were some really good entries. (I’ll list some of my favorites below.) A lot of people played around with the theme of “Fuggles the Clown.”

But, I’m happy to announce the winner is Chris Baum with his entry for Lupe-de-Lupulin (a play on Loop-de-loop.) I thought it was both cute and creative. Chris has won two tickets to the 4 Hands Brewing Lupulin Carnival this Saturday. Tickets are still available for this event and can be purchased either at their tasting room (located at 1220 South 8th Street) or by calling 314-436-1559.

If you didn’t win, I’ve definitely have some cool contests lurking around the corner. I once again want to thank everyone from 4 Hands for providing the tickets to this event.  Here are some of my favorite entries that almost made the cut:

Sorachi Ace Gacy
Uncle Fuggles
Alpha Ass Sid the Clown (badass clown with assless chaps)
Fuggles the Tomahawk juggling hobo clown
Ride name: The Zipper Warrior
Clown name: Sterling Marynka, the bitter clown
Nelson Sauvins’ Galaxy Warrior of Zythos Coaster
Sloshy Saaz the Sobriety Slayer
Tomahawk the Warrior Clown