lupulinOnce again, there were some really good entries this year. (I’ll list some of my favorites below.) The use of Fuggle was once again a hit and people played off of that quite a bit. We also had a lot of people staying old school and using noble hop names.

But, I’m happy to announce the winner is Katie Culp with her entry for a carnival ride, “The Magnum Cluster Buster”. Sounds fun. Katie has won two tickets to the 4 Hands Brewing Lupulin Carnival this Saturday. I’m happy to announce that tickets for this event have sold out (or sad if you missed out!)

If you didn’t win, I’ve definitely have some cool contests lurking around the corner. I once again want to thank everyone from 4 Hands for providing the tickets to this event.  Here are some of my favorite entries that almost made the cut:

  • Ericstl6’s favorite ride: The Square Coaster
  • The Yakima ClusterTruck
  • Brettanomyces the Bearded Lady!
  • Walter Heisen”Greenburg” the Clown.
  • The Hallertau Hell Ride!
  • Fuggle the Muggle (the totally unmagical clown)
  • Hallertau the Noble Clown
  • Mechanical Bullion
  • Millennium Fal-clown
  • Bearded Bracteole the Clown
  • The Bitter Bunghole
  • Apoc-calypso the Dancing Zombie Clown