While we didn’t have as many entries as I was expecting, they were still very amusing. I’m glad that most people got the overall idea behind this contest which was to make me laugh or also to be amazed at your MS Paint abilities.  Before we get to the entries, thanks again to Dan Bostlemann (dbsdelight) for offering up this bottle to give away.

Here are the runners up (with a little commentary):

I appreciate the effort, but too much photograph and not enough MS Paint. Good job, good effort with the meme though.

I’ve actually seen this crying bastard before at DLD, so this scene is all too familiar. But, is that dude on the picnic table dead?

This is very well done and would be an awesome album cover for any 80’s hair band.

While I am pompous, I’m not exactly vain. So, while you’d assume this portrait of me would be right up my alley, I don’t particularly want to look at this eerily accurate MS Paint depiction of myself.

I assume this is what DLD would look like on acid.

This is a lie, this dude cuts the front all of the time.  I know this for a fact.

I believe this is what clinical psychologists would label “nightmare fuel.”

This is pretty awesome. It’s like a cross between Dark Lord, Shredder, and binge drinking.

And the winner is…

Beers attacking bunnies and flowers, lava, brimstone, and sperm falling from the sky. This image has everything. Congrats to Tyler Dumey, you’ve perfectly described every Dark Lord Day I’ve attended.

Thank you all for entering, these were pretty great.