can_of_beer430x300It’s amazing how much of a stigma can beer still has.  In fact, I’d say that canned beer has more of an image problem than craft beer does.  For most people, cans signal that a beer is “low brow.”

But those of us that love canned beers are apostles for preaching the word of the can.  Because, as long as you can get all of the oxygen out of the can, it’s about the most perfect vessel for beer.

It’s lightweight and it’s impervious to oxygen and light.  It will also get your beer cold faster than a bottle.

So, which one of our local breweries will be first in canning a local craft beer?  Let’s be honest, as long as you extoll the virtues and try and dispell some of the myths about canned beer, you could have a real niche beer in our ever growing craft beer scene.

I don’t know if there is a local race to get a craft beer into cans, but I know I’ll be one of the first people to line up to pick up some beer from the winner.