OK, I think we’ve waited long enough, where is Capital Brewery in St. Louis?  They’ve been registered with the state of Missouri since early March and yet we’re still sitting here waiting for Capital to be made available in the St. Louis area.

There are few better lagers being produced in America than the ones being produced by Capital Brewery and St. Louis, for whatever reason is being left in the dark.  To add insult to injury, our friends in Kansas City have been enjoying Capital for the past few months.

So what gives?  Why hasn’t a local distributor stepped forth to pick up this excellent and sought-after brand?  Has the local market finally begun to suffer from having too many brands?

It would be a shame if this great brewer of lager beers gets passed by because it’s not a über-imperial, barrel-aged,  sour, smoked, dry-hopped, <insert adjective> beer.