stlhopslogosmall.gifThings have been a bit quiet around here as of recent.  Part is that is because beer news and events seem to be a bit slower in the summer than they are in the winter.  Part of it is that, as you can imagine, I’m a bit burnt after everything that happened with the St. Louis Craft Beer Week.

So, in an effort to change all of that, I’m wondering what you’d like to see from STL Hops that isn’t currently available to you?  I’d like to stay away from reviews on the main site if at all possible, but if that’s what the people want, then I’m certainly open to the idea.

Maybe we need more contributors?  One idea I’ve toyed with is having an STL Hops Twitter Team.  The Twitter Team would be comprised of regular members of the forum that could tweet (god, I hate that word) about exciting beer information while they’re out at their favorite restaurants and bars.

One thing I think we’ll see more of this summer is discussion on the main site.  I think I’ll start posing questions like, “Where is your favorite spot to drink a beer?”  I think getting some more discussion in the comments will energize everyone.

But anyway, this is for you, what would you like to see?