This is with apologies to my Illinois brothers and sisters.  Please don’t get me wrong, I actually kind of enjoy the fact that I can only find certain beers on the other side of the river, but sometimes I want to drink a draught beer and I don’t want to make a 20 minute trip to drink it.  I’m sure this will also be a controversial post as well, one because of the ten breweries I selected.

I’m sure I left off your favorite brewery, but I chose some of the most requested breweries in the nation.  Second, with a nod to Dave, I know there is some concern that maybe we have too many breweries in the area right now.  This isn’t lost on retailers or distributors, they’re wondering the same thing.  By bringing in a new brewery, it makes less shelf space for what may be a good, but not as popular beer.

So what’s the point of this poll?  One, it’s fun. Two, it should provide some fun conversation.  Three, as we’ve noticed in the forums, by emailing and writing to our favorite breweries, it gets them to notice us.  If they notice us, they’re more likely to distirbute to us in the future.  So maybe we’ll take the top three winners and start a campaign to bring them to St. Louis.  Anyway, on to the poll.  You can only pick one choice.  Choose wisely.