Welcome to what I hope becomes the go-to site for beer enthusiasts in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. My mission is to keep the site updated with all of the beer information that helps point you to the best beer St Louis has to offer.

I’m going to try and line up some interviews with local brewers, restaurants and other enthusiasts to get their opinions on the St Louis beer scene and beer in general. With a little help from some friends I also plan on keeping you informed when new beers and breweries arrive in the metro area. If you want to know a little more about me keep reading.

My journey into learning what beer can really taste like started about 6 years ago, my buddy Bill and I went to lunch at Growlers Pub. He had been trying to convince me that beer isn’t just pale lagers or stouts and handed me my first sip of Newcastle Brown Ale. It was all downhill from there.

I couldn’t get my hands on enough different kinds of beer, I wanted to try every style under the sun. Shortly thereafter during a conversation with my Dad and Grandmother I found out that my Grandfather was a homebrewer. I had my mind set at that point, I too wanted to be a homebrewer and brew my Grandfather’s recipe.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately in hindsight) she couldn’t find his recipe. But that didn’t deter me from heading over to Worm’s Way and picking up a homebrew kit. The next week my brother and I made our first kit in his kitchen, a hopped can extract beer. It turned out pretty good and once again it’s been all downhill since.

Home brewing and beer in general have pretty much consumed my life, I can’t get enough knowledge or talk enough about beer with people. I try and do as much education as humanly possible. Nothing intrigues me more than when someone says, “I don’t like beer.” I love the challenge, I love the look on their face when you hand them something and they say, “Wow, that’s nothing like I expected.”

My hope is that my passion is infectious and that my love for beer can translate into a site that I’m not only proud of but will make for a great resource.