Warning: The following is long and a bit rambling. Read at your own caution.

Thursday Night:

OK, well technically this isn’t the weekend, but it’s close enough. Irene and I had a meeting at the Schlafly Tap Room to discuss the upcoming Convivial Pursuit Trivia Night (if you’re a trivia nut, come on out and play some food trivia). After the meeting had ended, Stephen invited us to the Cod and Cask VIP opening night. We were treated to not only cask IPA and Brennan’s Brown Ale, but a smorgasboard of seafood. From cod cakes and scallops to plokkfiskur (a fish and potato casserole) and of course fish and chips. We also got to enjoy music from PĂ©tur Ben, a signer-songwriter from Iceland.

The event also allowed me to see some people I haven’t seen in quite some, like Ryan Beach from New Belgium. It also gave me a chance to bounce my ideas for a Randal the Enamel Animal off of James “Otto” Ottolini, the Chief Brewer/Chief Engineer for Schlafly Bottleworks. And to top it off I got the opportunity to meet Tom Schlafly, the owner of St. Louis Brewery. Cask beers flowed, fish was eaten and good times were had. Now you know why I was complaining in Friday morning’s Round-Up.

Friday Night:

I wish I had some exciting beer adventure for you, but I don’t. We hit up Rich and Charlie’s for a birthday dinner, where I had AB’s new Shock Top (that came from what I suspect to be an infected draught line) and Amber Bock. We all then headed back to my house for some Friday night drunken Rock Band hijinks. If it makes you feel better, I did enjoy some Two Hearted Ale and Bourbon County Stout while singing Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz.


After waking up Saturday morning, I knew the fake Rock and Rock lifestyle was starting to get to me. We headed over to 222 Bakery for pastries and our bi-monthly chat with Matt. As expected, Bill and Ellie were there when we arrived. Bill mentioned that they were headed over to the SCAA Midwest Regional Barista Competition, since I used to be a barista (albeit a poor one) I was curious to see the competition. But before we headed over there I needed to stop by Corral Liquors for a little project I’m working on (something I hope to share with you soon).

Irene and I decided to catch some lunch before heading over to the competition. Without knowing anything about it, we stopped at Bar Louie’s in CWE. I quickly discovered this was a chain out of Chicago, so while they carried a lot of beers it seems like the same “craft” beer that every chain carries. On one hand I’m glad to see a place making an effort to open people up to better beer, but on the other hand the lack of creativity bothers me. But that’s a topic for another time.

After the competition (which Bill covered right here) I was finally feeling pretty decent again and decided it was time to start drinking. We decided to head up Delmar and grab a beer at Blueberry Hill with Bill, Ellie, Matt and Matt’s friend Bill. I had myself a La Fin Du Monde and a Hitachino White Nest Ale (one of the best Wits available in St. Louis, in my opinion). We sat around, talked about Bill’s fried cheddar balls, Styx and how I considered Styx the fried cheddar balls of music. Are they great? No. But I still find them enjoyable.

We quickly grew tired of the smoke at Blueberry Hill and parted ways. This gave Irene and I a few moments of respite before continuing our Saturday. My friend Brian was coming to hang out with us. He had never been to the Tap Room and as I hadn’t had enough fish and chips from Thursday night we headed down. When we arrived downtown we learned there was an hour and a half wait to eat. I had considered leaving and finding someplace else to eat, but then we grabbed a beer, played some darts and the time melted away. In fact, I was a bit disappointed when they called us for dinner, I was having a lot of fun playing drinking and playing darts.

Tired of feeling guilty, I had made a decision that after dinner we were going to 33 Wine Bar to visit Jake and Dylan and to partake of some Old Rasputin. At that point we subjected Dylan to some of the nerdiest super hero/comic book discussion probably ever in that place. On the other hand, Dylan and I were able to talk a bit about homebrewing a Saison, to which he gave me a few tips.

Ready for some dessert of a more solid nature, we made our way over to Bailey’s Chocolate Bar, which was hopping. I’ve only really been to Bailey’s mid-week, so we’ve never had a problem getting a table. But this place was packed, wall to wall of people. But we were still able to secure a table in about 15 minutes and my drinking could then continue. Arcadia’s Coco Loco and New Belgium’s Eric Ale, to be exact. No, I’m no light weight by any means, but by the time we left Bailey’s, I was feeling pretty damned good. Which brings us to:


Nothing. Other than a quick trip to the grocery store, Mike wanted to do nothing. And that’s exactly what I got.

The one thing you may have noticed in this post was the lack of pictures, I wish I could say that I was just enjoying the experience for what it was and wasn’t thinking of the blog. But unfortunately, I just forgot my camera the entire time. Oh well, this post was easily a thousand words. Maybe a picture would help next time.