Southern Illinois and South County people rejoice, there is a location to get some of the Illinois beers you’ve been craving since the closure of Bon Vivant Wines.  U-Gas Convenience Store has begun dabbling with offering craft beer at their newest location in Waterloo, Illinois.

Is it the biggest selection in Illinois?  No.  This is a new world for U-Gas and I think they want to gauge the support for this. But they are offering up things like Dogfish Head, Ska and Hoppin’ Frog.  I know that they’re looking at possibly bringing in some other things this week.

If you want to have them expand their selection, then you need to go buy some beer from this store.  Waterloo is only about an additional 8 minutes from the JB Bridge, so if you were previously a fan of Bon Vivant, this is about your best choice for some great beer in this area.

Full Disclosure: This store is being managed by my brother Andrew Sweeney.  While I will not personally benefit from any additional sales from this store, he possibly could. But great beer is still great beer and I thought people in this area would like to know about this store.