newshortstitleimage.jpgI can’t tell you how often I wonder how to get some beer that isn’t normally distributed in St. Louis to finally be available. I think we’ve been lucky that we’ve had more and more craft breweries finding distributors here as of recent. Well you can now do your part to make yet another craft brewer available in the area.

Short’s Brewery out of Bellaire, Michigan is holding a vote to see where they’ll be distributed next. While our vote will mean something, there are a few consideration for the final decision. From their website:

Shorts Brewing Company is expanding into other states. Where those states are is partially up to you! As part of our expansion formula we are considering this vote in our calculations. The final decision will be determined by state laws, logistics, competition, and your vote.

I’d like to think that our proximity to MI makes us a more suitable candidate then say, California. But our enthusiasm will help as well. A quick look at the beers they offer makes me want you to vote and for you to get your friends to vote. So do your part and bring Short’s to Missouri.

Thanks to Paul for alerting me to this story.