Love beer? Love helping your fellow man? Love helping your fellow man drink beer? Well, the organizers of the 2013 St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival are still looking for some volunteers. What does volunteering get you, a plethora of awesome stuff including:

  • A free ticket to one of the other two sessions you’re not working.
  • A t-shirt.
  • A sense of beer enlightenment.

And, I’m being told that to give the volunteers a better sense of what they’re serving, they’ll allow the volunteers to responsibly enjoy some beer while they’re working. The key word here is “responsible.” No one wants to be around that person that’s drunker than some of the people they’re serving.

So, if you can be an adult, and you want the fun of pouring some beer (and, from my own experience, pouring beer at beer festivals is quite fun) then feel free to sign up right here. There is a limited time to sign up and I’m sure spots will be filled soon.

Don’t miss out.