ucbcWe all know that craft beer is growing by leaps and bounds. But there’s growth and then there’s growth. The way Urban Chestnut Brewing Company continues to expand, they certainly fall into that latter category.

The new location in the Grove has provided not only dynamite food and beer, but has also given St. Louis a from ground up craft brewery destination experience. But that new brewery isn’t just for show, it was to help UCBC grow.

Now that UCBC has 20,000bbls of capacity online, they’re expanding deeper into Missouri.  Beginning this week, UCBC has partnered with NH Scheppers Distributing to bring their Revolution and Reverence beers to Jefferson City and Columbia, Missouri.

But what if you live farther west?  Say, for instance, Kansas City? Well, no worries, UCBC will be partnering with Major Brands to provide beer to the KC market later this year.

“We’ve been more than eager to supply our beer to these markets for some time now. Columbia’s a natural extension of the St. Louis beer market, Jefferson City is obviously our state’s capitol, and Kansas City…plain and simple knows good beer,” says David Wolfe, co-founder of UCBC, in a press release.

It’s exciting to see our local breweries produce not only some of the best beer in the country, but also provide that beer to more and more people.