It looks like next year’s St. Louis Brewers Heritage Festival may be getting a bit bigger as it looks like St. Louis will be introducing two new local breweries this year.

The Stable

I mentioned that this one would spring up during my rundown of the Rotten Apple a while back, but now Sauce Magazine has provided some additional information on the new brewery/distillery:

The old Lemp stables will soon be home to the hard stuff, when the Amalgamated Brewing Co., which also owns The Rotten Apple in Grafton, debuts The Stable, a microbrewery, distillery and pizzeria, at Cherokee Street and Lemp Avenue next month. Owners Jesse Jones and Paul Pointer will brew a lager and distill absinthe, grappa, vodka, rum, gin and moonshine (a corn-based liquor) under the brand name Hytest; the spirits will be served at The Stable, and the pair intend to distribute the hard stuff eventually. But Hytest won’t be the only brand at the Benton Park spot; Jones said that other spirits and brews, including local suds, will be available, including a large Belgian selection. There’ll be items for teetotalers, too: handcrafted Neapolitan-style pizza, sandwiches and salads.

Mattingly Brewing Company

Continuing on the St. Louis city brewing trend, it looks like we’ll have another brewery near the old Lemp Brewery:

Both of the Mattinglys have a strong interest in the microbrewery and started with home brewing about seven years ago. The two, who are engineers by trade, started talking about starting a microbrewery around 2003.

“A hobby became a business,” said Doug Mattingly.

They’ve hired a manager for the brewery, Matt McMullen, and are hiring a brewmaster.

When they open, their microbrewery will have the capacity of making batches of 124 gallons at a time. They plan to brew a variety of craft ales, including India pale ale and a stout. Pizza will be a specialty in the microbrewery, which will have a capacity of 50.

“St. Louis some time ago used to be the capital of craft brewing. We think it’s well on its way to being so (again),” Douglas Mattingly said.

Exciting time to be a beer lover in St. Louis.

Thanks to Jim for reminding me about these articles.