royaleJust about every Tuesday evening, The Royale’s Matt Thenhaus hosts an event where he guides you through the wonderful world of beer styles and beer history. This week he’ll be featuring an event he calls: “It’s Not the Magic Number: Tripels“. Here’s a quick synopsis of what will be on tap:

The exact origin of this Dutch term is unknown but what we do know is that “tripel” doesn’t mean “three times” anything. Chances are, it comes from a time when the strength of a beer was written on a barrel using x’s, or crosses. Three crosses meant pretty darn strong. Eventually, a particular style of beer was given the label.

Whether they’re brewed in their native Belgian monastaries or at your neighborhood brewpub, tripels are very rich, malty beers, with honey, spice, and tropical fruit flavors, a deceptively light golden color, and around a 9% punch. Come sip some truly ambrosial liquids with us this Tuesday.

Featuring St. Bernardus draught, plus Karmeliet, Maredsous, Westmalle, and other bottles.

As Matt is extremely passionate and extremely knowledgeable this is a great opportunity to not only enjoy some great beer, but to learn about just some of the great styles of beer we have available in St. Louis.