If you got your hands on this week’s RFT, you had a chance to read Ian’s review of Tigín, a new Irish pub located in downtown St. Louis. Ian touched briefly on the beer menu, but I thought I would delve into it a bit deeper. Now, one quick disclaimer, I have not yet visited Tigín, I’m only commenting on the beer menu as I see it.


As this is an Irish pub, seeing beers such as Guinness, Harp, Bass and Newcastle on draught doesn’t bother me that much. In fact, I’d be almost insulted if an Irish bar didn’t carry them. Hell, I don’t even mind seeing Budweiser on draught, this is St. Louis after all. But that bottle list is pretty awful. Heineken? Miller Genuine Draft? Smirnoff? Corona?

I realize that this location is near the Edward Jones Dome and so they’re going to be seeing a lot of tailgating and conventioneers but does that really mean you need to carry both MGD and Miller Lite? Do we really need a tap handle of Bud and Bud Light? I’m not so hoity toity to think that every beer needs to be a craft product, but do we really need to double or triple up on similar styles? I guess for a chain restaurant it’s impressive to see things such as Lindeman’s Framboise, Duvel and Chimay, but Ian’s comparison to Applebee’s isn’t too far off.

In their defense Tigín claims to serve the best glass of Guinness in St. Louis due to their Nitrogen/CO2 mixture. I’d argue that 39 degrees is a bit too cold for Guinness, but I applaud them for trying to keep some semblance of temperature control for beer, something that is lacking in even some of the best beer bars in St. Louis.

I plan on visiting Tigín in the near future, but it looks like I’ll probably be sticking to a Guinness.