Attention Beer Geeks & Beer Peeps – its time for another exciting installment of Label Approvals.  First off with last weeks post I am sorry if I caused any confusion with posting the Surly Darkness label.  I know many of you travel from StL for Darkness Day & thought this is something that some of you would like to see. 

I may have caused some beer nerds heads to explode from thinking Surly was coming to StL. As this post was intended to be local approvals I will keep it that way and use the interesting outta town stuff for the Beer General section on the forum.

Any rate here are the approvals for this week.

Enjoy & Cheers!

**As always disclaimer time** The labels here aren’t a guarantee that we will see these beers in StL or even in the Metro East please view with caution and enjoy!!

Labels Approved – Slow Week
Repent Rye – Cathedral Brewing
Rhizing Bines – Sierra Nevada/Dogfish Head Colab
Zinneke – Smuttynose (IL side only)
4 Corner Baltic Porter – Widmer Brothers
Mole Stout – Ska Brewing (Not 100% we will see this umr_urgefan was in Durango for Anniversary party & BEVMO rep said yes/Ska Employee wasn’t so sure) Cross your fingers on this one!