Hey everyone,

I know some of you have missed these posts or wondered where they went over the last 10 weeks. My sincerest apologies for the lack of content. In doing research for these upcoming beers & searching out the labels I didn’t realize the spreadsheet I used for research proposes was updated every year. I then realized that it was in fact an expired spreadsheet. Any rate I felt the need to explain why you haven’t seen this content in a while.

Now that’s out of the way lets get down to business. In combining 7 weeks or so of approvals many of the beers have hit the shelves in your favorite beer stores so those won’t be included in this post. I felt it was a bit redundant to see beers that are already on the shelf.

Here are this week’s label approvals.
Enjoy & Cheers!!

**As always disclaimer time** The labels here aren’t a guarantee that we will see these beers in STL or even in the Metro East please view with caution and enjoy!!
Labels Approved
M.I.L.F. – Mothers Brewing Co.
Doom – Founders Brewing Co.
Rubaeus – Founders Brewing Co.
Stone I.R.S. w/ Espresso (Odd Year Release) – Stone Brewing Co.


Stone IRS w Espresso FBC_DOOM label final.psd MILF Rubaeus