stable_128x126.jpgAs one of their final acts in celebration of the IPA, the The Stable will be releasing its first ever IPA tonight, January 28th beginning at 5PM. The hopping on this beer includes Columbus and Cascade which in turn gives it a big “citrus and grass” aroma.

This 6% ABV beer with 60 IBUs had its name picked by a Facebook fan of The Stable and will be revealed tonight at the release party.  I’ve also been informed that the first 50 people to buy tonight’s beer will receive a commemorative pint glass to mark the occasion.

Also of note is that The Stable has begun brewing an Altbier exclusively for Iron Barley restaurant.  The recipe for this beer is Iron Barley owner Tom Coglin’s own creation. Altbiers are brewed with ale yeast, but fermented at temperatures much cooler than ales would normally be fermented at.

If you want to try it out, head over to Iron Barley as it’s the only place this beer will be available.