I try not to play favorites.  The beers I love, I try to love equally.  But, just like with children and dogs,  the truth is that I do have favorites.  And one of those favorites is Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.

(As a quick aside, if you’re one of those people yelling “sell out” at Goose Island and promise to never drink their beer again, I’ll happily take any of the BCS you have sitting in your cellar.  kthx.)

It might be one of the most perfect beers in the world.  Chocolate-ly, roasty, velvety, tons of vanilla and oak, and of course that wonderful bourbon.  It’s just amazing.

If you have the will power, it gets even better as it ages.  Everything mellows out and bit and melds into this single taste of amazingness.  But, that takes a lot of will power, and if you can’t hold on to this beer that long, I completely understand.

Luckily for you, The Stable has done the job for you.  This Friday, April 8th, starting at 6PM, the Stable will be offering up 8oz pours of a 2008 Bourbon County Stout and a 2010 Bourbon County Stout.  Each 8oz pour will set you back $8.

As BCS is typically only sold in 1/6bbl kegs, this means that there only about 82 eight ounce pours in each keg.  What I’m trying to tell you is that this will go quickly, so don’t miss out.