The Stable the newest location from the people who brought you the Rotten Apple will be opening in just a few weeks.  Not only will they be brewing their own beer and distilling their own alcohol but they’ll also have a fine selection of draught beer as well.  I was just given the list and I have to say I’m pretty excited:

stable.jpgReissdorf Kolsch
O’Fallon 5 Day ipa
Old Rasputin
Schlafly Hefe
Red Seal
La Chouffe
Kasteel Rouge
Scrimshaw Pils
Schlafly Export IPA
Duchesse De Bourgogne
Left Hand Milk Stout
Charleville Half Wit Wheat

This is a pretty exciting list with a couple of beers I’ve personally never seen draught in St. Louis.  Nice to see another place in the area that is giving beer the love it deserves.