Civil Life BrewingMaking great beer is one thing, building a community is another.  Without at doubt The Civil Life Brewing Company has built a community (and it helps that they make great beer.)

Some people questioned the location, but Civil Life owner Jake Hafner knew that building in the Tower Grove South neighborhood was not only good for his business but also good for the community. He knew that the neighborhood would support him and in turn he’d support the neighborhood.

I know that a lot of people don’t understand why Jake does some of the stuff he does when it comes to Civil Life. Sometimes it can seem erratic or nonsensical. But if you really know Jake, you know that there is a method behind his madness. He does things on his own time and at his own wavelength and it obviously has worked out well for him as they’re now celebrating their 2nd Anniversary.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Civil Life is throwing a party this Saturday, September 21st beginning at 12PM.  Here’s the rundown of events:

12:00PM – Open for Business
1:00PM – Our First Oktoberfest for our 2nd Anniversary will be released.
3:00PM – The State of the Beer Union Address
3:25PM – Release of our 2nd Anniversary Logo
7:00PM-10:00 PM – Jon Bonham and Friends play on our patio.
11:00PM – Closed until Monday

With great beer goes great food. While one of the original members of Civil Life Brewing, Mike Bianco is leaving to be closer to family in Florida, never fret, Jake hired Brendan Kirby (formerly of Duff’s) to man the kitchen. Brendan is going to be serving up BBQ throughout the day.

Civil Life is a great place with great beer and a great sense of community, if that’s not part of a civil life, I don’t know what is.