Credit: Evan S. Benn / P-D

Breaking news from Evan Benn at the Post-Dispatch this morning in that we’ll soon be seeing a new craft brewery opening up in St. Louis this spring.  Evan reports that Jake Hafner will be opening up The Civil Life Brewing Company at 3714 Holt Ave which is near the intersection of Chippewa and Gravois.

As many of you know, Jake Hafner was the previous owner of 33 Wine Bar which he opened in 2001 before selling it last year.  After selling the bar, Jake took a whirlwind trip all over Europe tasting all kinds of different wines and beer.

As for what styles Civil Life is looking to produce, Jake is still cautious about what they’ll be working on.  “We don’t want to promise styles and then choose a different direction,” says Hafner.

The plan for now is that Civil Life will be a brewery producing kegs and possibly even bottles for the local market.  The location will probably also feature a tasting room in the near future.  As Jake is a big fan of STL Hops, be sure to look for more information about Civil Life on STL Hops over the coming months.

You can also follow Civil Life’s progress via their new Twitter feed.