If you’re a homebrewer it’s your turn to bring someone over and teach them how to homebrew.  It’s your civic duty not only as a homebrewer, but also a human.

What is Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day?

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day is an international event to introduce people to the homebrewing hobby and establish relationships with local homebrew supply shops.

Each year on the first Saturday in November, homebrewers around the world are encouraged to invite non-brewing and brewing friends and family to celebrate Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day and brew a batch of beer together.

Before the event, participants that have Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day events register their site on this web page. These registered sites help the American Homebrewers Association track how many participants celebrated the event. 2006 event results will be posted on this page a few weeks after November 4.