Surprise!  No, really, it’s a surprise.  Tomorrow night, beginning at 6PM, the Handlebar will be tapping a cask of beer from Tallgrass Brewing Company.

Here’s the catch, not even folks at Handlebar know what the beer is going to be.

As far as I can tell, this is the first cask from Tallgrass to ever come to St. Louis.  In fact, I’ve been told this is the first time this beer has even come to Missouri.  This is certainly a treat for those of you who love cask beer.

And for you trivia nerds, it’s also worth noting that the Handlebar will be hosting Tenacious Trivia that night beginning at 8PM.  The trivia nights at Handlebar are always a great time with interesting and challenging questions.

This may be your only chance to try this beer and with it being on cask, this is a must-attend event.