washers1Washers: the sport of kings.  This is the true past-time in St. Louis. While I often shoehorn beer into some events, I don’t think washers can be played without a beer in your hands. With this in mind, a couple of guys in the STL Hops Forum thought a washers tournament would be a smashing idea. I agree.

As someone who has a talent for games that require little effort but still enough skill, I’m a big fan of backyard games like washers. So, if you think you’re game here are the details:

Date: October 6th
Time: 12PM
Location: My house in Rock Hill
Tournament Format: Round-Robin (Assign points for wins to set up final bracket.) Teams of 2.
Box Type: Square, Single Can
Points: 21 with cancels, win by 2. Cup worth 3, Box worth 1.

Cost of entry will be two bottles of beer, beer value must be at least $15 per bottle. Winner take all. If you’re interested in playing, please send me an email letting me know your teammates and I’ll give you my address at that time. We’ll probably cut it off at 12 teams.

And just so you know, I’m putting my “money” where my mouth is.  I’ll be putting up a Perennial Barrel-Aged Sump as my bottle for entry. Good luck.