If you’re an avid reader of Indiana’s beer blog, Hoosier Beer Geek, you may have noticed this little nugget of information in a recent interview they did with Tyranena Brewing Company‘s Stacey McGinnis:

“As far as opening distribution in other states, we have also been contemplating heading into Missouri, however, it’s not really an either-or kind of situation. When the time is right, we will take Tyranena where we feel it will be sold, consumed, marketed and appreciated appropriately!”

That sounds like we have another prime opportunity to bring a top tier brewery to Missouri.  If you haven’t had any of their beers, you’re in for a real treat.  Their Bitter Woman IPA is fantastic, as was The Devil Made Me Do It! Imperial Oatmeal Coffee Porter when I got to try it.

They sound like they’re on the edge, so let’s push them over that edge. It doesn’t take much to sit down a write out a couple of sentences to a brewery letting them know how interested and excited you are to have their product.

Let’s begin our campaign by letting Rob Larson (Founder of Tyranena) and Stacey McGinnis (Front Operations Manager) know how much you’d  love to seeing Tyranena in St. Louis. And for all of those who don’t know what to say, it can be as simple as this:

Dear Rob and Stacey,

I recently read an interview that stated you were interested in coming to Missouri.  I just wanted to send you an email to let you know just how much I’d love seeing Tyranena’s beer in my hometown.

I’ve always found that you guys produced some of the best beer in the Midwest, if not the United States. St. Louis and Kansas City both have rich beer history and your product would only help to continue that image. Please consider coming to Missouri soon!


STL Hops Reader.

Let’s make this happen guys, this is another great brewery I think we’d all love to see in our local bars and retail shops.