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Stone Brewing has always had their eyes and ears open to what people are saying and wanting from them. When Missouri beer nerds clamored loudly for their beers, they not only came, but they put out a shipment of IPA bombers specifically acknowledging the noise.

This time they’ve brewed a beer with the hopes to generate more noise. Enjoy By IPA will be heading to Missouri this week. According to MO Stone rep Nate Sellergren we should start seeing Enjoy By 12.21.12 IPA in St. Louis in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.

So why the hashtags in the post title? Stone is utilizing social media to measure how excited people are about the beer, and in turn, this excitement will determine if and when future shipments of Enjoy By make it to that respective state or region. If you visit, you’ll see that the most recent states that received shipments, Colorado and Ohio, have ‘Enjoy-O-Meters’, which are measuring the amount of conversation around the beer by scraping for the hashtags #EnjoyBy and #CO or #OH, respectively, on Facebook and Twitter.

So, when Enjoy By 12.21.12 reaches St. Louis, drink it and be loud on Twitter and Facebook (I really can’t imagine this will be difficult for most of us) to increase our chances of getting this beer back in our city.

So where will you be able to find bottles of this beer? Here’s the list of St. Louis locations:

  • Arena Liquor
  • Devine Wine & Spirits
  • Dirt Cheap Cape Girardeau
  • Friar Tuck Beverage Crestwood
  • Friar Tuck Beverage Fenton
  • Friar Tuck Beverage O’Fallon
  • Gustine Market
  • Local Harvest Grocery Kirkwood
  • Local Harvest Grocery STL
  • Lukas Liquor Superstore
  • Main Street Liquors
  • Parkers Table At Oakland
  • Primo Vino
  • Randall’s (All MO Locations)
  • Schnucks 104 Brentwood
  • Schnucks 133 Chesterfield
  • Schnucks 174 Kehrs
  • Schnucks 188 Ladue
  • Schnucks 192 Loughborough
  • Schnucks 209 Des Peres Corners
  • Schnucks 258 Hampton Village
  • Schnucks 272 Richmond Heights
  • Schnucks 301 Culinaria
  • Schnucks 702 Cape
  • Starr’s
  • Vineyards Wine & Spirits
  • Whole Foods Market (Both Locations)
  • Wine & Cheese Place (All Locations)
  • Wine Merchant Ltd
  • Wolfbrau House Of Beer

We’ll see draught around town also so keep your eyes peeled for those taps!

Just a couple of days left to wait, so practice your hashtagging (#EnjoyBy #MO) and get ready for Enjoy By IPA!

While the internet has completely transformed the way craft beer lovers have discovered beer, there are still pockets of cool stuff that everyone may not know about.  I present to you a few tools that will only help you on your quest for finding the best craft beer possible.

Fresh Beer Only

Hop heads know, sometimes having the freshest beer possible is the only way to drink craft beer.  Unfortunately, not every brewery puts an easy to read date on every bottle.  The website Fresh Beer Only details not only date code information for over 400 American breweries, but also breweries from around the globe.

Keep this bookmark in your smart phone for instant access when you’re buying that six-pack.

US Beer Distribution Spreadsheet

Do a lot of traveling? How about a lot of trading? Wouldn’t you like an easy resource to see what beers are available where? Well, now you have it with the US Beer Distribution Spreadsheet. This user editable spreadsheet allows you to see which beers are distributed across the United States. Very handy if you’re trying to trade some beer with a friend in another state.


If you’re still living with the idea of Twitter being a haven for the attention-seekers looking to blather on about the minute details of their lives, well, you’re not entirely wrong. But, it can also be a fantastic tool to learn about beer news, information, and some fantastic discussion as well.

For instance, if you followed the Wine and Cheese Place (@TWCPBeer) or STL Hops (@stlhops) on Twitter today, you would have seen that Firestone Walker Parabola and Nebraska Brewing Company Black Betty have made it into the St. Louis market.

Hell, you don’t even have to tweet anything.  Just follow a bunch of very specific beer accounts and get some great info. It’s also worth noting that every brewery that’s worth anything has a Twitter account now. Here are a couple of other great accounts as well:

Not to be excluded are the original beer sources, BeerAdvocate and Rate Beer.  They always provide plenty of great reviews and a plethora of discussion.  Do you have a site you really like?  Make sure to add it to the comments below.

beer-446_1280x960.jpgI don’t want to keep harping on these events as I think you guys may get tired of hearing about them, but I thought you may want to know a few extra details about the St. Louis Craft Beer Week events taking place tonight.

St. Louis Craft Beer Tweetup
Don’t have a Twitter account? No problem. Come on out to have some beers and meet some awesome people who love craft beer as much as you do. I’ve also been told that there will be some free snacks courtesy of Go! Magazine.

If you haven’t been yet, this is a great excuse to visit Bridge. Don’t be shy, just come on out.

IPA Night at The Good Pie
Right now this is the line up of IPAs that will be on draught:

  • Bear Republic Racer 5
  • New Belgium Ranger IPA
  • HeBrew Bittersweet Lennys R.I.P.A
  • Founders Centennial IPA
  • Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor
  • Odell IPA
  • Southern Tier Iniquity
  • New Holland Mad Hatter
  • Schlafly American IPA

It also sounds like one of these beers (not sure which yet) will be run through a Randall of Amarillo and Simcoe hops.  There will be a menu designed around IPAs and a gift certificate provided to the person who brings the biggest IPA.  I don’t know how they’re quantifying “biggest” so your guess is as good as mine.

Grand Teton Beer & Cheese Event
Got a list of beers that will be available from Grand Teton tonight at Wine and Cheese Place. Chuck Nowicki, Sales and Marketing Director of Grand Teton, will be on hand to talk about and taste their reserve series:

  • Grand Teton Pursuit of Hoppiness
  • Grand Teton Sheepeater Scotch Ale
  • Grand Teton Bitch Creek Double ESB
  • Grand Teton Howling Wolf Weizenbock
  • Grand Teton Lost Continent IPA

Also, I guess this is mostly for my parents, over the weekend I had a chance to talk about St. Louis Craft Beer Week and STL Hops on KMOX. Actually I had a chance to talk about both, not once, but twice this weekend. You’re welcome to give them a listen. Hope to see everyone tonight.

Let me say, while being unemployed sucks, there are a few decent things about it.  One of them being that you can have a bit too much to drink on a Monday night and not need to get up the next morning.  So it’s safe to say I had a great time last night at the Avery Experience at iTAP.

First, let me just say that Adam Avery is an awesome guy.  About the nicest guy I’ve met in brewing.  Second, I’m going to steal directly from EricSTL6’s Twitter feed to give you some of the details Adam laid on us about upcoming Avery beers:

  • Adam Avery says the 3rd barrel-aged brew won’t be brewery release only like the Sui-Generis. We should expect 20 cases in MO.
  • Adam Avery was excited about 3rd Barrel-aged series beer. Black Tot, a Goslings Rum barrel-aged Impy Oat Stout to be bottled in late Nov.

Neat stuff.  Here are some photos from the event:

twitter_logo*Warning* Before I get to the news at hand, I’m going to rant a little bit.  Feel free to skip ahead and read all about the new STL Hops Twitter account.

I’ve heard over and over again, “You need to get a Twitter account!”  I could never figure out why I needed one.  First, I’m not egotistical enough to think that people care about what I’m doing at every moment of every day.  You don’t need or want to know what I’m currently drinking or where I’m hanging out.  It’s boring.

Second, I’m sick of the internet giving everyone the ability to say what’s on their mind of every second of every minute.  No matter how important and special your mommy and daddy claim you are, you’re not special, no one cares if you’re currently brushing your teeth or cleaning the house.  You’re just another jackass on the internet.  (And yes, I get the irony and hypocrisy that I’m posting what I’m thinking about via the internet.)  I could keep going on about this for pages, but I’ll stop.

So, back to the news.

I recieve a lot of information about new beers that come into the area, but they never make it onto the front page because usually I attempt to have a decent amount of new substance in a single post and not to much of me just regurgitating press releases and beer descriptions from company websites.  But, this means that some of you miss out on new things that come into the area.

Well, that doesn’t seem fair to me.  So, I think I’ve stumbled on a happy median, enter the STL Hops Twitter account.  If you’re not familiar with Twitter, basically it’s micro-blogging.  It only gives you 140 characters to get your point across.  Which means it’s perfect for a quick, “Hey [Blank] beer is now available in St. Louis!”  or “[Blank] beer is available at this retail location.”

The other nice thing is since I can update the account from my mobile phone, so if I’m at a location with some news I find pertinent, I can easily and quickly update everyone. Maybe I could also assign some other loyal STL Hops readers to update it as well, that could be pretty useful to have an army of people with the ability to keep everyone informed.

The beautiful thing is, you don’t have to join Twitter if you don’t want to.  All of the updates will be available on the right hand side of the page, right underneath the calendar.