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royale-weblogo-300x163Yeah, I’m the worst.  I forgot to announce the winners for tonight’s Cellar Night at The Royale. Without further ado, the winners for tonight’s event are Kyle Cunningham and Jamie Michaels.

If you didn’t win, I’ll definitely have some cool contests lurking around the corner. Big thank you to The Royale for supplying the tickets for tonight’s event. It’ll be a hell of a time.


royaleWhen you’ve been around as long as The Royale, you start building a pretty deep cellar of beer. What better way to use that cellar than to throw a party?

Tomorrow night The Royale is throwing one hell of a cellar party. Starting at 6pm, all of the big guns are being broke out.  Here’s the line-up:

  • Bell’s Expedition Stout 2014
  • Boulevard Saison-Brett 2016
  • Deschutes The Abyss 2015
  • Firestone-Walker Bravo
  • Firestone-Walker Bretta Weiss 2016
  • Founders KBS 2016
  • Founders Nitro Pale Ale
  • Perennial Campers Reserve
  • Stone Farking Wheaton W00Tstout 2.0 2015
  • Struise Black Albert 2016
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2015*
  • Perennial Barrel Aged Sump*
Hell of a line-up, eh? If you want to enjoy this awesome selection of beers, be sure to purchase a ticket to this event. Tickets are $50 for all you can drink (with the exception of Perennial BA Sump and GI BCS, which are limited to a single 6oz pour of each.)
The Royale was even kind enough to give away two tickets to the event.  We’ll make this an easy (and quick) contest, just email with Cellar Night as the subject. I’ll pick two winners  on Thursday, March 30th at 8AM. A couple of quick notes:

  • If you’ve won something from STL Hops in the past 6 months, please be cool and let someone else enter.
  • You must be 21 or older to enter.
  • No multiple entries.

If you don’t win this one, don’t worry I will be holding more contests like this in the future, so you’ll have another chance then. Good luck!

excelEveryone loves a birthday. The Royale just celebrated their 10th anniversary of serving tasty drinks and food in Tower Grove South. Excel Brewing is celebrating their 3rd anniversary and the Royale wants to help them party in style.

Tonight, beginning at 6PM, the Royale will be tapping four of Excel’s finest beers.  One beer for each year they’ve been open (and one to grow on!) They’ll be tapping:

  • Forbidden Island – Their newest DIPA
  • Winter Warmer
  • 2nd Anniversary Rye barrel-aged Baltic porter
  • 3rd Anniversary Red wine barrel-aged saison

There may be some other special beers being opened and some other fun things going on as well. Celebrate three years of Excel at the Royale tonight!

royale-weblogo-300x163I don’t know if I can describe this event at The Royale better than the folks at the Royale, so I’ll let them do the heavy lifting on this one:

It has become a commonplace for beer lovers to remark upon the embarrassment of riches we enjoy here in St. Louis. We have more breweries than most of us can count, and several of them are even world class – which is really saying something in 2015. We’ve seen everything from session beers packed with flavor to genre-breaking innovations, and several breweries have even invested in barrel-aging programs to great success.

Seeing as the Royale has recently been blessed with some outstanding examples of barrel-aged goodness, including several of the prized wild/sour persuasion, we’ve decided to go all out and devote half of our taps to these rare brews:

  • 2nd Shift Grace – wild ale fermented and aged in wood with multiple brett strains. 7.4%
  • 4 Hands Cuvee Diable – saison aged in red wine barrels with tart cherries. 5.8%
  • Cathedral Square St. Jewbelation – rye/wild ale aged in Funky Jewbelation barrels. 9%
  • Excel 2nd Anniversary Ale – imperial porter aged in rye whiskey barrels. 11%
  • Perennial Savant Blanc – brett fermented Belgian blonde aged in Chardonnay barrels. 8%
  • Urban Chestnut Barrel-Aged Daft – American barleywine aged in Buffalo Trace, Van Winkle, and Willett whiskey barrels. 12.5%

The fun begins at 6pm on Thursday, January 29th. Half-size pours will be available for all so you can try as many as you like. Cheers!

That’s a silly-crazy good line-up. You’d be silly-crazy to miss out.

royale-weblogo-300x163There is no shortage of things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re a beer fan. But what if you’re not into sour beers? What’s a malt or hop lover to do?

Well Bell’s Brewery and The Royale are looking to make your Valentine’s Day a bit more hoppy by throwing a “For the Love of Beer” event tomorrow night. The Royale will be tapping a keg of Hopslam and a keg of their newest seasonal Smitten.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also be tapping a keg of the rare Wheat Love wheatwine.  Here’s the description of the beer:

Bell’s Wheat Project (2005) is an experimental foray into the development of complex flavors in beer. The Project comprises five new ales, four in series and one specialty strong product. The first four, Wheat 2, Wheat 4, Wheat 6 and Wheat eight are all made using 55% Wheat (either wholly or mostly malted) and 45% Barley malt. The barley malt makeup is exactly the same in each of the four and consists of three different malts.

The total amount of grain in each of the four is also exactly the same, so each of them should have a virtually identical original gravity. The type and amount of hops in each of the four is exactly the same. And the processing through the brewhouse and fermentation is also exactly the same. The changing factors between the ales are the composition of the 55% of wheat used and the type and number of yeast strains used. In Wheat 2 the 55% of wheat is made up of two different kinds of wheat malt, and this ale is made with two different yeasts. Wheat 4 is made with four different wheats and four yeasts. Wheat six and eight made with six and eight wheats and yeasts respectively.

The final product, Bell’s Wheat Love Ale, is made with the eight yeasts of Wheat eight and is a strong, but relatively light colored, “wheatwine.” 2. Basic Content List for the Wheat Series Wheat Two Wheats: White, Dark Yeast: Bell’s house ale strain, WLP410 Belgian Wit II Wheat Four Wheats: White, Victory, Toasted sprouts, Torrefied Yeast: WLP550 Belgian, WLP570 Golden, Wheat Two blend Wheat Six Wheats: White, Dark, Toasted sprouts, Torrefied, Red, Caramel Yeast: WLP500 Trappist, WLP530 Abbey, Wheat Four blend Wheat Eight Wheats: White, Dark, Victory, Toasted sprouts, Torrefied, Red, Caramel, Chocolate Yeast: WLP4000 Belgian Wit I, WLP565 Saison, Wheat Six blend.

They will be tapping this wheatwine tomorrow at 6PM. Maybe it’s the next beer for you to fall in love with, just don’t let it break your heart.

feastday2013What makes an institution? I don’t know if I have the philosophical chops to define an institution, but it’s like the late Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said about pornography, “I know it when I see it.” In my mind, The Royale is now a south city institution.

What the hell does this have to do with beer? Well thepatron saint of our city: Louis IX of France. Also, August 25th is the Feast Day of Louis IX. To celebrate this occasion, the Royale is throwing their 3rd annual Feast Day to commemorate all things awesome about St. Louis. One of those awesome things is Perennial Artisan Ales.

The Royale has teamed up with Perennial to create a special beer just for this event: “a European-style lager brewed with local plums in a nod to Rakija, the celebratory plum brandy of the Balkans.” But the fun doesn’t stop there, check out this line-up of beers:

2nd Shift – Brew Cocky Double IPA
4 Hands – Grapefruit Prussia Berliner Weisse
Boulevard – Saison-Brett
Civil Life – Rye Pale Ale
Crown Valley – Strawberry Cider
O’Fallon – 5 Day IPA
Perennial Royale Vitae – Official Feast Day lager brewed with local plums
Perennial Barry Rye – Dark Rye Ale fermented on blackberries
Schlafly – Pumpkin Ale
Schlafly – Vanilla Imperial Stout
Six Row – Whale
Urban Chestnut – O’Florian’s Irish Dry Stout (nitro)

Also, they’ll be tapping a special cask of Excel Eastside IPA with habenero peppers and dry-hopped with Centennial. All of these events begin at 11:30 and the cask will be tapped at 1PM. No tickets are necessary, just show up and enjoy some great beer.

There is a scene in the film Meet Me in St. Louis where lovable scamp Tootie Smith discusses the proper pronunciation of St. Louis with the affable ice man. Tootie is quick to correct the ice man when he calls our fair city “St. Louie.” The ice man tells her that he has a brother spelled “Louis” but they call him “Louie.”

What the hell does this have to do with beer? Other than maybe having too much before writing this post, it brings up the patron saint of our city: Louis IX of France.  His name would also be pronounced “Louie.”  Also, August 25th is the Feast Day of Louis IX.

To celebrate this occasion, The Royale is throwing their 2nd annual Feast Day to commemorate all things awesome about St. Louis. One of those awesome things is The Civil Life Brewing Company. The Royale has teamed up with The Civil Life to create a special beer just for this event.  I’ll leave the description of the beer to Civil Life’s head brewer Dylan Mosley:

Bière Royale! This sounds like a beer I want to drink! When The Royale of South City fame contacted us about brewing up a batch of beer for them it was an easy decision. They even had a style in mind – Kolsch. Kolsch proper is a blond-colored Ale brewed in the city of Koln. It is then stored (lagered) for some time to mellow the brew and in many aspects it resembles its lager brothers and sisters.

Mike Bianca and I worked with John Fausz (Esteemed Beertender at the Royale) on the recipe keeping the Kolsch philosophy- sprinkled a few more hops in- and I think the end result is pretty darn good. Bière Royale checks in at 5%, was built from Pale Ale, Pils, Vienna, and Wheat malts, and spiced with Hops from Tettnang which give it that 35 IBU bedonkedonk. Cheers! Prost! Excelsior!

Also, they’ll be tapping two special casks of this beer including one dry-hopped with 8 ounces of Tettnanger hops and another cask with medium-toast French oak chips. All of these events begin at 12PM and will run all day long. So, no matter how you pronounce Louis, this is a great way to celebrate St. Louis.