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sohaThe first time I met Tallgrass Brewing‘s owner Jeff Gill we were eating lunch at the always delicious Farmhaus. He was telling me about a brand new beer they were coming out with they named 8-Bit.

He explained it was going to be a juicy American Pale Ale with a big tropical fruit aroma and flavor thanks to Galaxy hops.  And while the beer sounded delicious on paper, what hooked me is when he described the can.

He told me they were looking to make a retro video game can, with 8-bit graphics on the side.  I immediately was hooked.  I flat out told him it would be a hit.  And while the packaging looks great, the beer is even better.  So when Tallgrass’ sales rep Jordan Luster told me about the bigger version of 8-Bit, named 16-Bit, I knew I wanted to try it.

Well, you’ll have your opportunity today when South Hampton Bar and Grill releases cans of 16-Bit when the bar opens. Every can of Tallgrass that gets purchased has a chance of winning a pair of tickets to Microfest! So, go enjoy some new beer in a retro way today at SoHa.


‘Tis the season for delicious beer and O’Shay’s Pub is here to give you some delicious beer as they team up with Tallgrass Brewing for a Pub Takeover. If you’re looking for a festive time, then head out to O’Shay’s this Friday, November 14th beginning at 7PM as Tallgrass takes over.

Tallgrass is bringing out 8-Bit Pale Ale, Buffalo Sweat, Ethos IPA, Zombie Monkie, Velvet Rooster, and Pub Ale. I’ve also heard they have a mystery firkin that will be tapped. Rumor has it that the firkin may be filled with a delicious porter that’s been doused with blueberries and vanilla.


ciceros.jpgTallgrass Brewing Company likes cans. And let’s be honest, a keg is nothing more than a big can. And a firkin is a big can with a spigot.

If you’re into any of those things, you should head out to Cicero’s Italian Restaurant tonight as they host a Tallgrass tap invasion featuring Halcyon Wheat, Ethos IPA, Pub Ale, and Velvet Rooster.

If that wasn’t enough, they’ll also be featuring a special cask of Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat with orange peel and cocoa. If this strikes your fancy, they’re tapping the cask at 6PM tonight. Don’t miss out.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 4.22.03 PM

itap.jpgYou know what’s nice?  An unexpected surprise.  It’s an especially nice surprise when you find out there is going to be a very special cask of beer rolling through town.  What kind of special cask you ask?  How about a Tallgrass Brewing Company cask which they call “A Sexy Buffalo.”

On Tuesday, October 4th starting at 6PM at the International Tap House in Soulard, Jeff Gill, founder of Tallgrass, will help to tap a cask of their Buffalo Sweat sweet stout that’s been aged on cherries and cocoa nibs.  I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds pretty damned awesome.

As with all casks, this is a one-night only event, so make sure to come out on Tuesday and enjoy some of the sexiest buffalo beer you’re likely to ever enjoy.

Surprise!  No, really, it’s a surprise.  Tomorrow night, beginning at 6PM, the Handlebar will be tapping a cask of beer from Tallgrass Brewing Company.

Here’s the catch, not even folks at Handlebar know what the beer is going to be.

As far as I can tell, this is the first cask from Tallgrass to ever come to St. Louis.  In fact, I’ve been told this is the first time this beer has even come to Missouri.  This is certainly a treat for those of you who love cask beer.

And for you trivia nerds, it’s also worth noting that the Handlebar will be hosting Tenacious Trivia that night beginning at 8PM.  The trivia nights at Handlebar are always a great time with interesting and challenging questions.

This may be your only chance to try this beer and with it being on cask, this is a must-attend event.

ciceros.jpg Cicero’s Italian Restaurant continues their fall Beer School semester this Wednesday from 5:30-6:30PM. Cicero’s Beer School provides background about beers and beer styles usually directly from people directly in the beer industry.

It’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about a style you’re unfamiliar with or to just brush up on a style you haven’t enjoyed in a while.

This week’s school is being taught by Matt Bauer from Tallgrass Brewing. Matt should be on hand to discuss and sample some Kold, Ale, Oasis and Buffalo Sweat. Go out and take advantage of one of the few places where you can drink and learn!

If you can’t make it out to the Beer School, you can check out all of the classes via podcast at

We interrupt the standard flow of beer tasting information to bring you this special announcement: The Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will be hosting Matt Bauer from Tallgrass Brewing tomorrow, Thursday September 9th, from 4-6PM.

Matt will be on hand to talk about and taste all of the Tallgrass selections that are currently available in St. Louis. For those of you that might of missed it, Tallgrass (out of Manhattan, Kansas) began distributing in St. Louis in early July and only sells their beer in cans.

Here’s a list of what will be available for tasting tomorrow:

  • Tallgrass IPA
  • Tallgrass Ale
  • Tallgrass Köld
  • Tallgrass Buffalo Sweat
  • Tallgrass Oasis