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2ndshift-peachkaty-chateauLooking for that extra special gift for that beer lover in your life? Or maybe you’re just looking for a little special thanks to that Christmas bonus you’ve received?

Well, 2nd Shift Brewing is looking to help you spend that hard earned cash by providing you with a couple of cool beers to purchase. This Thursday, December 17th at 4PM you’ll be able to purchase two rare beers at the Perennial Artisan Ales tasting room.

2nd Shift will be releasing 750ml bottles of Peach Katy and Chateau La Douchebag. Each bottle will set you back $20 each. Quantities per person are to be determined. And to add a bit to the excitement, there will be draft of both beers available at 4PM as well.

This will be a very limited release and could possibly sell out fast, so don’t miss out on this very special release.

stlhopshbcDid you know that STL Hops has our own Homebrew Club? I may be biased, but I think our club has some of the best brewers in the area. Attend any of the festivals providing homebrew and you’ll see what great beers these guys and gals have to offer.

Did you also know it’s an award winning club? The brewers have won some local and regional awards for some of their beers. One such award was during the Ballpark Village Brewfest this past November when Dave McWilliams (aka DAVO) won the competition with his American IPA.

The award for winning that comp? He got to brew his beer at the Anheuser-Busch pilot brewery. DAVO’s winning recipe included Golden Promise malt, Simcoe hops and the classic 1056 American yeast strain. The beer was brewed a few weeks ago and it’s finally ready for everyone’s enjoyment.

You know what’s better than beer brewed by an awesome brewer? Free beer. Yep, that’s right, starting this Sunday, January 18th, you’ll have your chance to enjoy DAVO’s American IPA free of charge at the Budweiser Brew House at Ballpark Village.

Everyone is invited to attend a special release party this Sunday, January 18th from 1PM to 5PM featuring DAVO and Ballpark Village’s official “Beer Man” Tony Caradonna as they sample out this winning beer.

llywelyns-243x300We all know of the usual suspects of the craft beer scene, but without a doubt the hidden gem has got to be Llywelyn’s Pub in Webster Groves. They’ve been putting on some great beer events and quietly put some awesome beers on draught.

They’ve also been putting away some cool beers for a while and decided to crack open the Cellar Door and treat us all to some delicious beer.  This Saturday, February 8th, starting at 12PM, Llwelyn’s in Webster will be pull out some big tasty beers for your palate pleasure.  Here’s a list:

Founders Backwoods Bastard
G.I. Big John
Great Divide Oak Yeti
Deschutes Pinedrops IPA

Deschutes Collage
Deschutes XXIV
Firestone #17
Firestone Parabola
G.I. BCS Rye
G.I. Sour Sisters
G.I. Coffee
G.I. Barley Wine
G.I. Fleur
G.I. Madame Rose
G.I. Gillia
Left Hand Wake up Dead B.A. RIS
Porterhouse Oyster
B.A. Rasputin

There are some pretty heavy hitters here and it looks like an extra fun line-up. If you don’t want to break into your own cellar, here’s a chance to raid Llywelyn’s instead.

Breweries aren’t dumb. They know you love their everyday line-up, but they know you clamor for the special releases. If it’s difficult to get, the more people seem to want to buy it. Sometimes you have people lining out the door to get their hands on these hard to get beers.

Charleville Microbrewery has always had some unusual one-off creations so it should come as no surprise that they’re doing some cool stuff this fall. Over the next few days, Charleville will be releasing a few of their one-off kegs for a few events at the International Tap House.

Here’s a list of events:

  • Tuesday Oct 23rd – 6PM (iTap Soulard) – We release 1 of 2 kegs of the Saline Kriek (Aged in Chardonel Wine Barrels for 9 months then aged on tart cherries for 4 months)
  • Friday Oct 26th – 6PM (iTap Chesterfield) – We will have a cask of The Witch’s Brew’mmm Pumpkin
  • Tuesday Oct 30th – 6PM (iTap Chesterfield) – We release the 2nd keg of Saline Kriek, and it is Panda’s Birthday!

If you’re looking to try some of these fascinating creations, make sure to visit iTAP for these events this week.

schlaflyipaWe ask and Schlafly delivers.  I’m proud to announce that starting in 2010, the Schlafly American IPA will be available as the Summer Special Release.

The beer that was so popular at this past year’s Hop in the City will become available on June 1st of 2010.  This beer will be available in six-packs at the same price point as the other Special Release beers (Pumpkin, Export IPA, Extra Dry Stout, etc.)

It’s also of note that this beer will get a bit bigger.  Being that this is the beer people want, they’re going to raise the ABV to 8%.  And because that malt gets a little bigger means we get a bit more hoppiness as well.

This is an extra special early Christmas gift for us hopheads.

norrebro-bryghus-old-odense-ale.pngOne way to avoid the hop shortage when making beer is to make a beer without hops, called a gruit.  Dogfish Head Brewery, a favorite around STL Hops land and a brewer of many unusual beers, has teamed up with Danish brewery Nørrebro Bryghus to brew a special beer based on a “15th century pre-hop era gruit ale recipe from the town of Odense.”  The beer contains star anise, blackthorn berries, maple syrup and herbs.

Only a single case made it’s way into St. Louis and Paul from the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton was the only place to get it.  If that didn’t make it difficult enough to obtain, the case only contains 9 bottles.  This is a one time only release of a very special beer, so if this sounds like your thing I wouldn’t wait too long to pick this up.