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When I contacted Boulevard Brewing rep Laura Dale to find out if Boulevard’s newest year-round beer Single Wide IPA came in a 1/6bbl, I was shocked to have her graciously offer one up for the STL Hops Trip to the Rotten Apple (a few tickets still available.)

As cool as that was for Laura to offer it up, what I got today is even cooler.  Below is a hand written letter from Boulevard Brewmaster, Steven Pauwels given us some great information about the beer and wishing us a good trip.  Take a look:


It is a bit difficult to read, so I’ll translate it here:

To Mike Sweeney and STL Hops Members.

I hope you will enjoy this Single Wide IPA keg that Laura has here for you.

We brew this beer in a Boulevard tradition to make balanced, enjoyable beers.  This IPA is no exception and maybe to out fault made it in to a very sessionable beer.  We tried to balance the caramel slightly sweet malt notes with the floral and fruit hops character.  For a 59 IBU beer it should not take the skin off of your tongue, but rather balance between sweet and bitterness.  We used caramel and Munich malts for body and lots of Centennial and Pallisade in dry hopping for the hoppy nose.

I hope you will enjoy this Single Wide IPA and have a safe and fun trip!

beerlovers_large.jpgJust a reminder that STL Hops has secured transportation to the Rotten Apple for the Beer Drinkers Anonymous party they’re putting on. For the cost of $26, you not only get transportation up to Grafton and back but a ticket to the festival and some Boulevard Single Wide for the bus ride up!

A limited number of tickets remain, so make sure you buy them from Brown Paper Tickets ASAP!

For more information check out the original post.

swipa_pint.jpgWhile Boulevard’s latest year-round addition Single-Wide IPA is not going to be in bottles until March, according to Boulevard rep Laura Dale you can find it at these restaurants on draught:

  • Both Growlers Locations
  • Cicero’s
  • Trainwreck West Port
  • Indigo Joe’s
  • Lester’s Clayton & 40

This should hold some of you off until it hits the retail shelves.