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image080.jpgAs it’s the second Tuesday of the month, that must mean it’s time for Cask Night at the Schlafly Bottleworks. Tonight will provide you with a chance to try a traditional ale, similar to what you would have found before the days of stainless steel and forced carbonation.

Tonight’s cask will be the Old Ale (aka: Schnucks Culinaria Holiday Ale).  They’ll tap the cask at 6PM.

If you’re not clear on what cask beer is, here’s a little information from Schlafly’s VP Dan Kopman on how they create their cask beer:

We take beer off the sample point at that 5 day point where the primary fermentation is complete and yeast and sugar still remain. We then simply bung the cask and store it to allow the additional fermentation and conditioning to happen. So the beer is cask conditioned.

If we take it too late then we don’t get enough natural carbonation and we can get very flat cask ale on tap. If we take it too early the opposite. Then we dispense without CO2 or nitrogen – no cask breather. We do not add finings as I seem to be the only consumer of cask ale that is still hung up on a “bright pint”. We do not add any extra sugar to the cask or yeast.

This is an excellent opportunity to educate or re-educate yourself on just how great cask beer can be.

About a month ago I mentioned that Schlafly Brewery was looking at doing another collaboration with Schnucks Culinaria to produce another special 750ml beer.

UPDATE: Two additional pieces of information.  One, if you were paying close enough attention, this beer is 7% ABV, which is a touch higher than the typical 5.7% that the normal Oatmeal Stout.  I’m told that this is just a “boosted” version of the original recipe.

It’s also worth noting that the coffee blend on this beer is different than the roast they receive from Kaldi’s that they use for the seasonal Coffee Stout.  This beer is being blended with Colombia Monserrate which is also from Kaldi’s.

Looks like the label art was approved today and here’s what it looks like:

Schlafly brewers get a very special present from the St. Louis Brewery when they get married, they get to brew a wedding beer. Brewer Drew Huerter will be getting married at the end of November and decided to brew an English style Old Ale in celebration of this event.

A new beer from Drew and a marriage is always something to celebrate, but now it gets better.  As some of you may know, Schnucks opened their new downtown location called Culinaria this past year and they’re looking to celebrate as well.  So they’ve asked Schlafly to bottle a special holiday beer to commemorate the event.

Schlafly thought Drew’s beer was a perfect beer for the holiday season and soon his beer will be available in bottles in select Schnucks locations.  This is a great honor for a brewer.

So congrats to Drew and Julie for what I’m sure will be a wonderful wedding and a great keepsake.



I’ve made a change in how the beer tastings will be listed in the Friday Round-Up, it’s going to be a week’s worth of tastings starting with the Friday that the list is posted. So if you’re a retail shop, bar, restaurant, brewery or distributor and want me to list your tasting, make sure to email me at

Today, from 4PM to 6:30PM the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will be having a tasting featuring Laughing Dog Alpha Dog, Lips of Faith La Folie, Lips of Faith Biere de Mars, Lips of Faith Fleur Misseur, Lips of Faith Transatlantique Kriek, and Boulevard Smokestack Seeyoulator Doppelbock (if it arrives.) Additional information can be found at their blog.
Joe Parisi from Schnucks Culinaria will be sampling the current 4 brews from Charleville, including the new Explicit APA, on Saturday from 1-4pm.  They’re calling their Saturday tastings “Beer Study”.

Provisions Market in Creve Coeur will be sampling a variety of these beers: He’Brew Rejewvenator Year of the Date, He’Brew Rejewvenator Year of the Fig, Southern Tier Harvest Ale, Mendocino Autumn Lager, and Bell’s Oktoberfest. This tasting will be today, Friday, August 28th and will run from 5PM-7PM.

Once again, if you’re a retail shop, bar, restaurant, brewery or distributor and want me to list your tasting, make sure to email me at