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ciceros.thumbnailCicero’s Italian Restaurant kicks off their 9th year of Beer School semester this Wednesday from 5:30-6:30PM and a second class from 7PM-8PM. Cicero’s Beer School provides background about beers and beer styles usually directly from people directly in the beer industry. It’s perfect opportunity to learn more about a style you’re unfamiliar with or to just brush up on a style you haven’t enjoyed in a while.

This week’s school is being hosted by Cassidy Paxton of Boston Beer Company. Cassidy will be on hand to discuss and sample Boston Lager, Double Bock, Rebel IPA, Cold Snap. Go out and take advantage of one of the few places where you can drink and learn!

If you can’t make it out to the Beer School, you can check out all of the classes via podcast at

bassoSo of you may remember way back in December when I showed off some of the photos of the newest (and possibly nicest) places in St. Louis to grab a pint: Basso.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit this unique space, a Samuel Adams tap takeover may be exactly the push you need to stop in. This Wednesday, March 20th (beginning at 5PM) Basso will be featuring a variety of Sam Adams beers to whet your palate. Here’s a list:

  • Cherry Wheat
  • Double Agent IPL
  • New Albion 1/6bbl
  • Dark Depths
  • Third Voyage
  • New World Tripel
  • Angry Orchard Hard Cider
  • Boston Lager
  • Alpine Spring

Basso will be offering up flights of these beers along with a special Boston-inspired menu by chef Patrick Connolly. They expect this to be a jam-packed event, so you may want to think about reservations. For more information including a phone number, be sure to check out the image below.

Tap Takeover-FINAL-01

Provisions Gourmet Market in Creve Coeur will be holding a special beer tasting today, May 27th from 5-7pm.

  • provisions.GIFSam Adams Longshot Double IPA — “Pliny the Elder Clone”
  • Sam Adams Longshot Cranberry Wit
  • Sam Adams Longshot Traditional Bock
  • Ommegang’s Witte

    Along with all of these beers, they’ll also give you a chance to check out Provisions ever expanding beer selection. The Sam Adams Longshot Six Packs are almost gone, so this may be your last chance to try and buy these beers!

    mikemcdole1Paul from the Wine and Cheese Place on Forsyth emailed to let me know that the Sam Adams 2008 Long Shot winning six-packs have now arrived at his store.  For those of you unfamiliar with Boston Brewery Sam Adams Long Shot Competition, basically it’s a nation-wide homebrew competition where the winners will have their beer brewed by the Boston Brewery and then distributed throughout the nation.

    While this is a an extremely cool contest, what sets this year’s winning pack apart is that it contains Mike McDole’s Double IPA.  But this is no normal Double IPA, Mike based his recipe off of a clone of Russian River’s extremely sought after beer, Pliny the Elder.  So, while this isn’t exactly the PtE that many of you are clamoring after, this is about your best opportunity to try about the closest thing here in St. Louis.


    You may remember way back last year when Boston Brewing Company, the makers of Samuel Adams beer, debuted the ultimate beer glass.  The glass was designed for ultimate beer enjoyment with a narrow base to keep your beer cool and a tulip top to allow for maximum aroma.  One of the other design features was laser etching at the bottom of the glass that provides a nucleation point for continuous bubbling from the CO2, which also helps to provide more aroma from the beer.  This isn’t new technology, Champagne glasses have had this feature for quite some time.

    Well, it looks like AB has followed suit and has designed a glass of their own which also contains the same laser etching feature found in the Samuel Adams glasses.  And from the looks of the picture Paul from The Wine and Cheese Place sent me, it looks like it really works.  If you looking for a beer glass that’s not nearly as funky looking as the Sam Adams ones, this may be your best option.