2009_05_16_1508I’m pretty excited about the STL Hops Pinball party on Saturday night, but there are a couple of things I want everyone to know before you head out to CP Pinball.

Everyone please be cool.

While I’ve never had any sort of problem with anyone from here in the past, we’re going to have about 50 people at CP.  We’re all adults, so I shouldn’t have to say this, but I’m going to anyway.  Don’t be an idiot. It’s cool to enjoy yourself, but just be careful, we’re going to be surrounded by over $125,000 worth of pinball equipment.  We’re all here for a good time and to hang out with other beer nerds.   Don’t ruin this event for the rest of us.

I know that there are a few events going on around town tomorrow, so do everyone a favor and drink plenty of water and sober up before arriving to CP or the bus.

For the people taking the bus.

The bus will be at the corner of Lafayette Park at Park Ave and Mississippi Ave at 5PM.  The bus will be leaving at close to 5:15.  It will take you up to pinball and you’ll arrive close to 6PM.  The bus will then leave pinball at 10PM and bring you back to Lafayette Park.  There should be plenty of free parking near the park.

Thanks again to STL Brewery Hop for providing transportation for this event. Make sure to check out their website for brewery tours around St. Louis.


If you didn’t buy a ticket, please don’t crash.

While I’m extremely encouraged and excited about the enthusiasm for this party someone has to pay for every person who attends the party.  This place is open two weekends every month, feel free to stop by then. I will have bracelets for people attending so I know who and who should not be attending.

Bring a tasting glass.

I’m going to bring a little extra glassware, but not a lot.  I had a sizable amount of my glassware swiped at the last few events, so I’m not bringing as much this time around.  You’re responsible for your own glass.

44 is closed between Kingshighway and Jefferson this weekend.

Plan your trip accordingly, because 44 will be a mess this weekend.

Don’t arrive hungry.

While Mark from Bigelo’s Bistro will be providing some pizza and some snacks, don’t expect this to be your dinner. Mark generously donates this food and I expect there to be enough for people to snack on, but not enough to fill you up. So, eat a little something before arriving.

If you’re not taking the bus and you’ve had too much, find a ride.

Be safe and be smart, we want you around for the next party. CP isn’t exactly close to home for many of us, so plan on having a ride back home if you’ve had too much to drink.

If you’ve sold your tickets to someone else, make sure I know about it.

Most everyone is a will-call ticket, so I’ll need to know if names have changed. Please send me an email or a private message via the forum if you’ve sold your ticket.

One last thing, I’ll admit up front that this is usually the event where I’m the least social.  I love playing pinball, so I’ll probably be doing that for the entire four hours.  If you have any other additional questions, please feel free to contact me.