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pumpkinfestI’m pleased to announce that the three winners for the two passes to the O’Fallon Brewery Pumpkin Festival is Joseph Rodebaugh! Congrats to Joseph and thank you everyone for entering. For those of you that didn’t win, there are still tickets available, though they’re going fast.

I once again want to thank the team from O’Fallon for providing the tickets to this event. This weekend’s weather looks amazing, so it should make for an awesome festival. Have a great time!

pumpkinfestI’ve never understood the outrage about pumpkin beers.  Don’t like them? Don’t drink them.  I personally do like them. And if you’re a pumpkin fan, we’re lucky in St. Louis that O’Fallon Brewery lead the charge on producing pumpkin beers oh so many years ago.

To celebrate all thing pumpkin, O’Fallon is throwing their inaugural Pumpkin Festival this Saturday, October 10th from 1-6PM. $10 gets you a 16oz commemorative glass and your first pour of beer included. The draft line-up will include 2014 & 2015 Imperial Pumpkin, Vanilla Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Coal Train Imperial Stout, and Smoked Porter, in addition to other O’Fallon favorites.

Our friends at O’Fallon have given us two tickets to this Saturday’s festivities. This $20 value will allow you to partake in this fun new event. All you need to do is email with the subject of Pumpkin Festival.

A couple of quick notes:

  • If you’ve won something from STL Hops in the past 6 months, please be cool and let someone else enter.
  • If you can follow the bolded directions above. If you don’t follow the rules, you’re automatically disqualified.
  • You must be 21 or older to enter.
  • No multiple entries.

I once again, want to thank the fine folks from O’Fallon for providing the tickets to this event. This contest will end on Thursday, October 8th at 9AM CDT when I will pick a winner at random for the set of tickets.

As I was enjoying some beer last night at the International Tap House, I was introduced to a gentleman named Paul who is moving to St. Louis from Syracuse, NY.  One of his biggest concerns about moving to St. Louis was a lack of a beer scene. After his visit I think all of his fears have been allayed.

But Paul is lucky, he’s going to be living in the sweet craft beer confines of St. Louis City. But what if you don’t live in the city, or near the city for that matter?  Believe it or not, stuff happens outside of the 270 loop.  Take for instance this event.

On Wednesday, November 16th, beginning at 6PM, the Basket Case Deli in Washington, MO will be holding a beer dinner featuring beers from O’Fallon Brewery. The meal will set you back $45 per person (tax and gratuity not included) and will provide four courses paired with four different O’Fallon Beers.  Reservations are required and can be made by calling (636)239-3131.  Here’s a look at the menu:

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Seared bacon wrapped scallops served with asparagus spears and finished with an apricot glaze
Paired with O’Fallon Wheach

Grilled Veal Tenderloin
A grilled veal tenderloin served with fried garlic Parmesan gnocchi, sauted spinach and finished with a sage lemon butter sauce
Paired with O’Fallon 5 Day IPA

Braised Pork Belly
A smoke braised pork belly served over whipped butternut squash; finish with a natural jus reduction with cranberries
Paired with O’Fallon Smoked Porter

Black Forrest Cake
A dark chocolate cake layered with cherries and whip cream
Paired with O’ Fallon Black Hemp

UPDATE: Due to a SNAFU with getting registration with the state of Missouri, this event has been postponed. They’re hoping to reschedule for next week. Stay tuned!

For the past few years, the Great American Beer Festival has held a Brewery/Homebrewer Pro-Am competition where a brewery works with an award winning homebrewer to produce a beer to send to the GABF competition.

Two years ago the O’Fallon Brewery worked with Jim Yeager from the Garage Brewers Society to select a beer to send to the Pro-Am comp. In the end, Jim Yeager’s Alright Already American Amber won silver at the GABF Pro-Am competition.

This past January, Jim Leabig won a competition held by the GBS and the prize was to brew with O’Fallon for the GABF Pro-Am Competition.  What did Jim come up with?  A little beer he’s calling the Brown EyePA

Jim describes the beer as such:

A big American Brown Ale brewed to IPA thresholds for ABV and hop bitterness, flavor and aroma. Caramel and robust chocolate notes provide the foundation for a charge of Summit, Cascade and Simcoe kettle hops. The beer is then dry-hopped for 5 days with larger dose of Simcoe to satisfy the hop lovers.

OG 1.063
ABV 6.8%
IBU 65
SRM 21

The launch party for this beer will be held at the newly opened Exit 6 Brewery on Thursday, September 8th from 4PM until the keg blows. Sounds like a great opportunity to try a new local collaboration.

With all of the new breweries popping up around St. Louis, it’s interesting to see that a couple of local breweries are looking at making some changes.   We first heard about a possible sale of Schlafly in a report from the St. Louis Business Journal way back in June.

Well, the Post-Dispatch reports today that the sale is looking more and more likely and we could possibly see a change in ownership this year:

St. Louis Brewery founders Tom Schlafly and Dan Kopman said this week they expect negotiations to pick up speed in April, with a formal transaction possibly taking place this year.

Then comes shocking news today from the Post-Dispatch’s Evan Benn that O’Fallon Brewery is also looking to sell to local investors:

“We are having conversations with a number of investors who have signed confidentiality agreements, and we’re hoping to find an injection of cash to help fund our growth,” says Caradonna, who runs the brewery along with her husband, Tony Caradonna.

While the Schlafly sale doesn’t worry me, for reasons I laid out way back in June, the O’Fallon news did catch me off guard and it’s always concerning when you hear the words “cash-strapped” being thrown around.

I honestly hope for the best because O’Fallon has always been a great asset to the St. Louis beer community and it would be a shame if they just disappeared.

ciceros.jpg Cicero’s Italian Restaurant continues their fall Beer School semester this Wednesday from 5:30-6:30PM. Cicero’s Beer School provides background about beers and beer styles usually directly from people directly in the beer industry.

It’s a perfect opportunity to learn more about a style you’re unfamiliar with or to just brush up on a style you haven’t enjoyed in a while.

This week’s school is being taught by Brian Owens from O’Fallon Brewery. Brian will be on hand to discuss and sample some C3, Pumpkin, Sticke It To The Man, and Hemp Hop Rye.. Go out and take advantage of one of the few places where you can drink and learn!

If you can’t make it out to the Beer School, you can check out all of the classes via podcast at

freshhopFor those of you that need the final push to purchase tickets for the Schlafly Fresh Hop Ale Festival, here’s the list of beers that will be available at the event:

Amalgamated Harvest Brown
A flavorful brown ale with moderately strong chocolate and caramel flavors balanced by a firm hop character. The beer was hopped in the kettle with Amarillo hop pellets, and then run through a hop back packed full of freshly picked Amarillo hops. Malty and hoppy, this beer is an easy drinking brown!
ABV: 6.5%

Amalgamated Wet Hopped Zoigl
An amber lager with peach-like flavors contributed by the freshly picked Amarillo hops. The fresh hops were added to the mash, and were the only hops added to the beer. This beer is a fresh hop version of our regular Zoigl served at The Stable. Clean, slightly malty, and infused with the goodness of fresh hops, this is a rare version of a rare beer!
ABV: 5.3%
IBU: 10

Square One Brewery & Distillery
New Harvest IPA
Our own unfiltered IPA “dry hopped” with fresh- from-the-harvest Amarillo hops. The hops were given 10 days to condition in the fermenter.
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 115

Six Row Brewing Company
Fresh-Hop Black India Pale Ale
Brewed with 30lb of fresh Amarillo hops from Yakima Valley, lots of nice citrus notes in the aroma and flavor and a slight roasted character from the black malt. Dry finish and is completely black but intensely hoppy.
ABV: 8.1%
IBU: 70

Highlands Brewing Company
Wet-Hopped American Brown Ale
The American Brown Ale is a dark Brown Beer hopped with fresh Amarillo hops. It has a malty, rich, chocolate, caramel, Nutty, and toasty flavor. Brown Ale has a moderate hop flavor, with medium to high bitterness.
ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 30

Midnight Harvest
Our take on the Fresh Hop Beer was a Black Ale with Rye. We used a total of 40 lbs of hops in this brew which figures out to about 4 pounds of hops per keg. We used 9 pounds of Amarillo hops in the mash, 21 lbs in the hop back, then we dry hopped with 10 pounds of Amarillo pellets. This slightly spicy and fruity ale is a deceivingly drinkable dark ale.
ABV: 6.0%
IBU: 60

Tap Room Hop Harvest Ale
An American Pale Ale wet hopped with 25 lbs. fresh Amarillo (raw hops) and dry hopped with 10 lbs. Amarillo (raw hops) & 5 lbs. Simcoe (hop pellets)
ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 45

Bottleworks Hop Harvest Ale
An American Pale Ale wet hopped with Amarillo hops just days after harvest in Washington. Amarillo hops are related to Cascade hops and contribute a similar citrusy character to this beer.
ABV: 5.6 %
IBU: 43