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quincy-streetOne of the things you may not realize when dining at Quincy Street Bistro is chef Rick Lewis’ commitment to local and sustainable ingredients. When possible, Rick purchases from local farmers and vendors and provides some of the tastiest food in St. Louis.

So, when New Holland Brewery Beervangelist Fred Bueltmann decided to come into town for a beer dinner, it’s no surprise he chose Quincy Street to partner with. Next Thursday, May 22nd, NHB and QSB will be hosting a four-course beer dinner beginning at 6:30PM.

Tickets for this dinner are $55 each and reservations can be made by calling 314-353-1588.  Here’s a look at the menu:


People get really wrapped up in what’s new. I’m not pointing fingers here, I get wrapped up in it too. With all of the amazing changes we’ve seen in St. Louis in the past few years, it’s easy to forget some of the brands that have been around for quite some time.

Let’s take New Holland Brewing Company for example. I don’t know about you, but I think that New Holland makes some pretty good beers. I’m a big fan of Mad Hatter, Night Tripper, Pilgrim’s Dole, and of course Dragon’s Milk.

And as good as Dragon’s Milk is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on cask in the St. Louis area, until now. Starting at 5PM on Wednesday, April 25th, The Wine Tap in Belleville will be putting on their first firkin party featuring the one and only Dragon’s Milk on cask. The will also be featuring several other New Holland favorites on tap that night including:

  • Imperial Hatter
  • Night Tripper Imperial Stout
  • Mole Ocho
  • Mad Hatter
  • Beerhive Tripel

This is a good opportunity to put a kibosh on looking for the newest thing and giving you the opportunity to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, enjoy some awesome beer.

We interrupt the standard flow of beer tasting information to bring you this special announcement: The Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton will be hosting Rich Blair from New Holland Brewing on  Thursday October 21st, from 5-7PM.

Rich will be on hand to talk about and taste a selection of New Holland that are currently available in St. Louis. Also for those of you that love beer and liquor, Rich will be sampling some of New Holland’s spirits as well.

Here’s a list of what will be available for tasting on Thursday:

  • New Holland Charkoota Rye Smoked Doppelbock
  • New Holland Imperial Hatter
  • New Holland Full Circle Kolsch
  • New Holland Mad Hatter
  • New Holland Poet Stout
  • New Holland Hatter Royale Hopquila (spirit)
  • New Holland Zeppelin Bend Straight Whiskey (spirit)
  • New Holland Knickerbocker Gin (spirit)
  • New Holland Dutchess Citrus Vodka (spirit)
  • New Holland Dutchess Vodka (spirit)
  • New Holland Freshwater Rum – Huron White (spirit)
  • New Holland Freshwater Rum – Michigan Amber (spirit)
  • New Holland Freshwater Rum – Superior Single Barrel (spirit)

    stable.jpgI can always tell when The Stable‘s Beverage Manager Jerad Gardner is excited about a new release, he calls me.  So what’s got him so excited that he takes the time out of his busy day to give me a ring?  Here’s what to expect tonight at The Stable:

    • New Holland – Existential (Double IPA)
    • Bear Republic – Late Harvest (Marzen)
    • Bear Republic – The Grizz (10% American Brown)
    • Bear Republic – NorCal California Style Bitter
    • Bear Republic – Racer X

    According to Jerad, these should all be available this evening. He didn’t know what the Northern California Ale was and there is no record of it online. So I’ll guess we’ll just wait and see! Some information about the NorCal beer from John:

    RateBeer has an entry for Bear Republic NorCal California Style Bitter that is listed as a 4.6% California Bitter session ale.

    Thanks John!

    DM12OZ_bodylabelWhen the word came out that New Holland Brewing was coming to Missouri, thanks to MoBev, one of the first things that came into my mind was, “Sweet, now I can get some Dragon’s Milk here in St. Louis.”  But, that didn’t happen right away.  While we had a chance to try a little at the Kick Off Party, NH told us it would be a little bit until we saw the High Gravity Series here in St. Louis.

    Thankfully, that day has come and starting tomorrow we should start seeing Dragon’s Milk and Night Tripper on the shelves.  But you may be asking yourself, “Bottles are all well and good, Mike.  But I’m a greedy bastard and I want it on draught too!”  Don’t worry my friends, because as I’m also a greedy bastard, I made sure to ask about draught Dragon’s Milk at the Kick Off party  (in front of 200 witnesses).  The word from MoBev is yes, we’ll be seeing it soon.

    So if you’re in the mood for some crazy delicious Milk from a Dragon, head out to your favorite beer stores and hopefully you’ll see it on your shelves tomorrow.  (Call first!)

    It was a Monday night, a school night.  Many of us were tired from the beginning of a long work week, but yet we heard the draw of the cask.  Not just any cask, but a cask of New Holland’s Mad Hatter IPA.  Missouri Beverage, Cicero’s and New Holland Brewery kicked off the release of  New Holland Beers in St. Louis the only way they knew how, by supplying 10 gallons of delicious cask IPA.

    I was amazed how many people were patiently standing around the bar, waiting for their cask beer.  It had to be at least 60-70 folks.  Crazy.  We’re changing the beer game folks. Slowly but surely.

    If you weren’t able to attend, here are some photos and a video of the tapping of the cask.

    newholland.gifNew Holland Brewery is one of my favorite breweries so I was pretty excited when I heard the news that we’d soon be seeing their products in Missouri.  To celebrate the release of this beer, New Holland, Missouri Beverage and Cicero’s will be throwing a kick-off party on Monday, February 2nd at Cicero’s in the U-City Loop.

    This event will be running from 5:30-7PM.  While this isn’t officially part of the Cicero’s Beer School, you can think of it as extra credit! New Holland Beervangelist, Fred Bueltmann will take you through the big picture of New Holland Brewing while tasting through their portfolio, which includes Mad Hatter, Full Circle Kolsch, Sundog Amber Ale, and The Poet.

    If that wasn’t special enough, the guys from New Holland will be there with a firkin of Mad Hatter IPA!  Cask IPA?  That’s all they had to say to get me to go!