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First it there was the C1, a Oak Aged Dry Hopped Smoked Rye Pale Ale. Then, there was the yet to be released C2, a Smoked Belgian Dark Strong Ale. It looks like the final collaborative beer between Schlafly, O’Fallon Brewery, and New Albanian Brewing Company has been brewed.

For those of you looking for that “great session beers with [a] unique twist”, I’m happy to announce that the C3 collaboration is a 4% Dry-Hopped American Mild. New Albanian brewer Jared Williamson posted some information about the beer on the New Albanian blog:

C3 continues the extreme and interesting themes that have been and are being explored with the C-series. C3 is extreme in its restraint, in our collective ability to resist the abundant urges to add more and explore more ideas in a single beer. By dialing in our collective vision, we have struck out in a new direction with C3.

Based on the classic English Mild, C3 features Marris Otter, Munich, Brown and Carafa malts.

After much debate the collective again went with the theme of restraint, and a single hop was the choice: Citra. Never used before by New Albanian, Schlafly or O’Fallon, Citra on early inspection reminds this brewer of the spice and pine of Chinook with the musty citrus of Columbus.

One of the most unique parts about this beer is that while it features Citra as a mash, whirlpool, and dry hop, there were no bittering additions used. As noted by The Potable Curmudgeon, what will probably be your first opportunity to try both the C2 and C3 will be at the Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison, WI.

For those of you who can’t make it out to Great Taste, I should hopefully find out when this beer should be available in the St. Louis area.

Welp, they’re at it again. Brewers from Schlafly, O’Fallon Brewery or New Albanian Brewery gathered together, this time at New Albanian, to put their mash paddles together and brew up another collaboration batch.

This time they’re brewing up a Smoked Belgian Dark Strong Ale that will be aged in “to be announced” Indiana and Missouri wine barrels and will also be infused with smoked figs. I don’t think anyone can accused them of not trying to do some interesting stuff with these collaboration beers.

Here’s a run-down of the beer recipe:

Malts: Castle Pale, Weyermann Rauch, Castle Biscuit, Briess Smoke, Castle Aromatic, Castle Special B
Adjuncts: Belgian dark candi sugar, Brewer’s Crystal, Molasses
Mash Hops: Mt Hood, Crystal
Kettle Hops: Magnum, Slovenian Celeia
O.G. 1097
IBU: currently calculated at 44, will degrade and be around 20 once it’s released

For more information about this beer, be certain to check out New Albanian’s Potable Curmudgeon blog.  Big thanks to New Albanian’s Jared Williamson for sending along the photos and information.

fk8It’s time, it’s time!  It’s time to drink some Oak Aged Dry Hopped Smoked Rye Pale Ale brewed by the guys at Schlafly, O’Fallon Brewery and New Albanian Brewery.

This beer will be on tap at the Schlafly Tap Room starting tomorrow. For those of you that don’t remember, make sure to visit see the photos from this crazy brew session.

If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check out some early tasting notes from our good friends at Hoosier Beer Geeks.  Each brewery gets only a certain allotment of beer, so I’m sure this won’t last long.

Well, I don’t think anyone from Schlafly, O’Fallon Brewery or New Albanian Brewery expected this beer to take as long to brew as it did, but it’s done. The first collaborative effort from these three breweries is now in the tank ready to start fermenting.

Here are some quick notes about the beer:

  • 3 O’Fallon Brewers
    • Stu Burkemper
    • Dave Johnson
    • Brian Owens
  • 1 New Albanian Brewer
    • Jared Williamson
  • 1 Schlafly Brewer
    • Brennan Greene
  • 6 – Number of times the mash got stuck
  • 2.5 Hour Lauter
  • 20% Smoke Malt
  • 25% Rye
  • 14.2 Plato (1.058 OG)
  • 3 Kettle Hop Additions
    • Chinook (60 Minutes)
    • Willamette (20 Minutes)
    • Centennial (Whirlpool)
  • 2 Dry Hop Additions
    • Simcoe
    • Amarillo

We should hopefully be seeing this in VERY limited quantities come mid-January. Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

What do you get when you have brewers from Schlafly, O’Fallon Brewery and New Albanian Brewery collaborate on a beer? An Oak Aged Dry Hopped Smoked Rye Pale Ale.  According to the Potable Curmudgeon, this beer will be 6.5%ABV and will have 35 IBU.

More information coming soon.

schlafly_3colorOFALLON_RGB300WLB Small Web viewnewalbanian

If you haven’t made your mind up whether you’re planning on to attend the Schlafly Repeal of Prohibition Festival, maybe this list will finally get you to pony up the 25 bucks. The following is the tentative list and could be subject to change.repealbug127.gif


  • Pale
  • Hefe
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Pilsner
  • APA
  • #15
  • Kolsch
  • Raspberry Hefeweizen
  • Coffee Stout
  • ESB
  • Vienna
  • American Brown
  • Maplewood Ale
  • Irish Extra Stout
  • Biere de Garde
  • Barleywine
  • Imperial Stout

Brugge Brasserie

  • Tripel de Ripple
  • Brugge Black
  • Brugge White

Mad Anthony Brewing Company

  • Ol Woody Pale Ale
  • Auburn Lager
  • Black Squirrel Oatmeal Stout

New Albanian Brewing Company

  • NABC Hoptimus Imperial IPA
  • NABC Phoenix Kentucky Komon
  • NABC Elsa Von Horizon Imperial Pilsner
  • NABC Thunderfoot (Imperial Stout)

Three Floyds

  • Alpha King
  • Rabbid Rabbit