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BOCK BOCK BLOCK-page-001We know that barrel-aged beers are all of the rage, but almost every single one of those beers is an ale. Why don’t we see more barrel-aged lagers?

Shmaltz Brewing wondered the same thing and designed Bock Bock imperial bock with that in mind. To celebrate the release of Bock Bock, Shmaltz is going pour Bock Bock all the way down the block on Cherokee this Saturday, May 14th.

Starting at 1pm, Shmaltz Brewing’s Jeff Doerr will be making his way down Cherokee.  His first stop will be Byrd & Barrel from 1-3pm where they will have Bock Bock on tap and will be featuring a very special hot sauce made with the signature beer.  This hot sauce “consists of Anaheim, Poblano, and Serrano peppers, with some garlic, sugar, vinegar, Byrd signature seasoning, and 2 full bombers of the delectable Bock Bock BA Lager reduced for about a 1/2 hour and then buzzed together.”

Then Jeff moseys down to Saint Louis Hop Shop from 3-5pm where they’ll be selling draft pours of Bock Bock and sampling Byrd & Barrel nugz with the homemade hot sauce. Jeff then finishes up at Yaquis from 5-7pm where they’ve put together a Byrd & Barrel pizza using Yaquis signature blanca sauce along with B&B nugz and the Bock Bock hot sauce.

Mango-HOP-anero LabelDid you know that as we get older, our sense of tastes decreases? It’s why some of us pick up the love of spicy foods later in life. We need a little bit of kick to put our taste buds on alert.

I love beer and I also love some hot sauce, so Mission Taco Joint and 4 Hands Brewing Co. did the obvious thing and put them both together.  Starting today (National Hot Sauce Day, as I’m sure you’re fully aware) both Mission Taco location you’ll have your first chance to buy the Mango-HOP-anero hot sauce.

Here’s the description from MTJ:

This year we collaborated with 4Hands Brewery and made a special release pepper sauce called Mango-HOP-anero, using 4Hands Incarnation IPA (formerly Resurrection IPA). The pepper sauce brings subtle sweet notes from the mango, a good amount of heat from the habanero, and tropical scents from the mosaic hops of the beer.

So, stop by Mission Taco and enjoy some tasty tacos (or burritos) and also purchase a bottle of Mango-HOP-anero to-go for $7.