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growlers.gifI wouldn’t consider myself an emotional man but as I’ve gotten older I’ve definitely noticed I’m a bit more nostalgic. Don’t get me wrong, most nostalgia is pretty much malarkey, the “good old days” weren’t especially great.

Let’s take the “good old days” of the St. Louis craft beer scene. Sure, there was a time when we could find Dogfish Head and Three Floyds on shelves in Illinois. But, let’s be honest, these beers were often the old dregs that came downstate from Chicago that we still drank because we didn’t have another option.

For me, the “good old days” meant arriving at Growlers Pub every Friday night to fill out a beer card and enjoy some NTN. So, the announcement on Saturday that Growlers Pub in Sunset Hills had closed left me with a pang of sadness.

Looking back, it wasn’t that the food was particularly great or that the beer selection was fantastic. But it was certainly a bar that I called “home” for a few years. Celebrated some great times there and had a couple of pints after having to go through the pain of putting down our dog. Like any regular, you got to know the people that worked there and any issues that normal people would complain about were just things you thought of as part of the charm.

Growlers was also the place where I discovered that I loved beer. I’ve told this story before, but the Growlers in Creve Coeur was when I had my beer “aha” moment.

I could spend the rest of this post discussing what went wrong and how Growlers could still be open today, but why bother? There are people that worked there out of a job today and a place I once called “home” is now closed. Nostalgia may cloud our judgement, but at least it leaves us with good memories.

One of the best parts of all the new breweries opening up around town is the fact that they are loaded with good people. Maybe you’ve been wanting to ask some questions of the brewers or just raise a pint with them. You say there are so many new breweries you just haven’t had the chance to make it in to all of them?

Well this Thursday, April 5th at 7PM, Growlers Pub is hosting the brewers from 4 Hands Brewing Company (check out their new website!) Head brewer Will Johnston and brewer Martin Toft will be on hand to answer questions, have some great conversation, and share in a few pints.

Growlers will be pouring Pyrus Saison as their STL Hops Selection until it’s gone. Haven’t had it yet? Pyrus is a saison brewed with pear juice, whole white pepper corns, and the zest of fresh oranges. Pyrus pours a hazy golden hue, with aromas of pear, citrus, and spice.

If you haven’t had a chance to get to know the boys from 4 Hands, this is a perfect opportunity to do so.

Many of you may know that I’m pretty vocal about glassware. Ok that might be an understatement. I’m kind of a glass snob. Too often am I seeing great craft beer get somewhat squandered when people drink it out of a bottle or pour it into the dreaded shaker pint.

The good news is that we have an event that people on our very own forums have been clamoring for. As part of our new relationship with Grolwers Pub, we are pleased to announce a special event that they will be holding on November 22 beginning at 7:00PM. Growlers Pub, STL Hops and Spiegelau Glassware will be teaming up to put on the this craft beer and specialty glass tasting event.

For $35 you’ll get beer, appetizers and your very own 4-piece Spiegelau Beer Connoisseur Glassware Set which normally has a retail value $49.95. As we’ve referenced in the past, these are truly some of the nicest glasses available.

We hope to see you there. Sign up for the event here:

It’s always cool to develop new relationships. As this site has developed, so have the relationships. Well we are happy to introduce a new one, and this one is pretty cool! If you head on over to Growlers Pub, you’ll notice their new Seasonal Menu has hit. How’s that a new relationship you ask?

Well Growlers Pub and STLHops are proud to announce the “STLHops Selection” as a choice on the menu. Each month, or whenever the selection runs dry, we’ll have a hand in picking the next choice. With a partnership with Major Brands, we’ll be choosing beers that are either limited, harder to find, or just fun.

To kick things off, we’ve been lucky enough to secure a few kegs of Schlafly 20th Anniversary Volume 3 Citrus Wit to highlight the bottle release of this beer. Here’s a little info from Schlafly:

No.20 – Volume 3: Citrus Witbier

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 19

•Appearance: Light golden, hazy
•Process: Belgian unfiltered, Flavored with coriander and orange, lemon and grapefruit peel
•Hops: Tradition
•Malt: Euro-Pils, White Wheat, Torrified Wheat
•Yeast: Belgian Witbier
•OG: 14.4
•SRM: 3.5

To celebrate 20 years of Schlafly Beer, our brewers past and present offer you the anniversary series of four beers.

Schlafly 20, Volume 3: Citrus Wit is designed and brewed by our third generation of Schlafly brewers (1998-2008: Neal Curtis, Matt Peterson, Joseph Davis, Eric Roy, Bill Joslyn, Matt Murphy, Nick Vickery, Chris Faerber), who were instrumental in our transition from local brewpub to regional brewery. With the third generation comes experience from brewers who joined us from around the country and world; Citrus Wit is a collaboration of this shared experience.

This traditional Belgian-style white beer is flavored with orange, lemon and grapefruit peel and coriander to refresh a parched palette.

This is just the start of our new relationship, so keep checking back and head into Growlers to check out their
full list of beers and get ready for news of some cool upcoming events!

Beautiful weather and an exuberant crowd made for a wonderful time at the Growlers Pub‘s annual Oktoberfest celebration. That was plenty of great German and German-style beers flowing all day long, and some culinary delights like deep-fried sauerkraut.  For those of you that couldn’t make it out, be sure to check out the photos below.

Come get your schnitzel on and help Growlers Pub celebrate this year’s Oktoberfest.  The festivities begin at Noon on September 24th and will end at 5PM.  For $35 ($45 day of) you get to taste 30 different German beers and enjoy a German buffet.

Tickets can be purchased at Growlers Pub in Sunset Hills or online.  See the flyer below for more details.

If you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this Thursday, but you’re looking for someone a little better to drink than beer with some food coloring in it, here are a few options to help you Erin Go Bragh:

The Stable:  Opening at 6:30AM on Thursday and they’ll be serving up a breakfast buffet that will include of scrambled eggs, sausage, Irish bacon, corned beef hash, baked beans, sliced tomatoes, toast and brown bread.  A great way to start the morning.  As all of you die-hards know, it’s important to lay down a base. The buffet will cost you $9.95 and there will be plenty of Irish beers to choose from.

International Tap House:  As St. Patty’s Day falls also on the start of March Madness, that also means that iTap will be opening at 11am; Irish and “Irish Style” ales for $3 from open to close.  All of the NCAA games will be available on the TVs.

Growlers Pub:  Growlers will be offering up an all you can eat breakfast buffet from 6am to 10am that includes your choice of coffee, juice or a pint of Harp, Smethwicks, or Guinness.  The from 11am to close they’ll be offering a Corn Beef and Cabbage dinner.  Live music as well.

The Royale: Offering up a selection of stouts, ales, whiskeys, stout beef stew, bangers and mash (meat or vegetarian) and more starting at 11:30AM.  They’ll also provide “Eileen Gannon on harp and Mary on flute playing Irish music from 1:30-3pm.”  John Gassel will provide Irish and Irish inspired music at some point during the evening. There will also be some literature readings throughout the day and other surprises as well.

Global Brew Tap House: For all of you Illinois folk, Global Brew is celebrating St. Patty’s Day all week serving up some Irish and Irish inspired beers: Rogue Kells Irish, Schlafly Irish Style Extra Stout, Six Row Foreign Extra Stout, Wexford Irish Cream Ale (Nitro Tap), Murphy’s Stout (Nitro Tap), Murphy’s Irish Red, Smithwicks, and Harp. From March 14-18 they’ll be doing a Pot-O-Gold Giveaway where they’ll be giving away a $250 American Airlines gift card. One entry per person per day, winner will be drawn on March 19th.

Six Row Brewing Company: Tapping a cask of their very special Vanilla Porter at 5PM.  This cask went dry in less than two hours last time around, so make sure not to miss out.

The fine folks at Schlafly also sent over some events they’re putting on:

  • Tapping a cask of APA at Pat’s (corner of Oakland and Tamm) at 9am
  • Pat’s Dogtown Liquor (corner of Tamm and West Park) will have an entire pallet of Summer Lager Cans for sale during the parade.
  • In the old lumberyard behind Seamus McD’s there will be a trailer full of Schlafly APA, Pale, and Hef on tap

If there are other locations that want their events listed, just add them to the comments section and I’ll add them throughout the day.