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Glassware ain’t free people.  If you’re at your favorite watering hole and you see a glass you really like, it ain’t yours for the taking.  By far, the glass that’s most often stolen from the International Tap House is the Goose Island Vintage Ale glass.

How would you like to own one legally?  That’s right, no need to stuff it into your purse or pants and try and get away with one. iTAP in Soulard will be hosting an event I’m calling, “Get Your Hands Off Our Glass!”

Next Thursday, November 10th, starting at 6PM, you’ll have an opportunity to own your own Goose Island Vintage Ales glass. When you purchase a Goose Island Matilda, Sofie, Fleur, and Pere Jacques on draught you’ll get one of these highly sought-after glasses and it’s yours to keep.

So, stop swiping that glass and get one next Thursday to make a part of your permanent glass collection!

I’m not really a glass snob.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I try to pour my beer into a proper glass when I can, but I don’t concern myself too greatly when I can’t.  But what I do love is cool glassware.  Sure, it may not be the best thing for the beer, but sometimes it’s just fun to drink out of a neat glass.

For those of you that enjoy adding additional glasses to your collection, make sure to head out to the International Tap House in Soulard tonight, Thursday, May 12th, for a Lagunitas Brewing Keep the Jar night.  Starting at 7PM, this is your chance to pick up this very nifty glass featuring the Lagunitas logo.

There will also be a couple of Lagunitas beers to fill that glass, including the WTF, IPA, and the Lil’ Sumpin’ Wild. It may not be a tulip, but it’s sure a lot more fun.

I love a good acronym.  The problem with an acronym is if you have to repeat what it means each time you use said acronym for an audience that may not be aware of what it means.  But, I think I’m  PIADAG will be my my new acronym of choice.

What does it mean, you ask?  Pour It in A DAmn Glass. Too often am I seeing great craft beer get somewhat squandered when people drink it out of a bottle.  I don’t know how often I’ll continue using my addition to the world of beer acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms, but it’ll be fun to try.

This brings us around to a very special event that Schlafly will be holding on June 10th, beginning at 6:30PM at the Schlafly Bottleworks.  Schlafly and Spiegelau Glassware will be teaming up to put on the first craft beer and specialty glass tasting event.

For $30 (or $25 if you’re a SIP Club member) you’ll get beer, snacks and your very own 4-piece Spiegelau Beer Connoisseur Glassware Set which normally has a retail value $49.95.  I can tell you that one of the glasses included in this glassware set is a tulip glass I received what at the Craft Brewers Conference in Chicago.  It could be one of the finest glasses I’ve ever owned.

So, if PIADAG is important to you, you may want to hop on the chance to attend this very special event.  Tickets can be purchased here.

Niki from Llywelyn’s Pub in Soulard contacted to let me know that Llywelyn’s is holding a Beer School every Monday in November.  The cost of the school is $5 which provides not only a sample of all of the beer they’re schoolin’ you on, but free glassware and half-priced appetizers as well.

This Monday, November 17th will feature Glazer’s Distributing who’s beers include Fuller’s, Young’s, Bell’s and Sierra Nevada. Next Monday, November 24th will be hosted by Lohr Distributing who offers Anheuser-Busch products as well as Kona, Rolling Rock and Widmer as well.  See the below flyer for more information.


If you’re planning on attending tonight’s STL Hops Anniversary Party, here’s a few things you need to know:

How do I reach the cellar?

As you walk into the main entrance into the Tap Room, you want to take a left into the North Bar. If you keep walking straight you’ll see a hallway. Follow that hallway all the way to the back until you come to a door on your left side. Walk down the stairs and you’re in the cellar. I’m hoping we can put up some sort of sign.

Once you make your way downstairs, Irene will be there to check off your name.


Here are your 4 choices for glassware:

  1. Plastic cups will be provided.
  2. BYOG – Bring your own glass.
  3. Buy a pint upstairs and bring it down.
  4. Purchase a Hop in the City Kellerbier glass for $5 with the proceeds going to Stray Rescue.

Next year we’ll have a more elegant solution, but as we’re getting down to the wire, these are our best options. My suggestion is to buy a pint or bring a glass. Unlike plastic, your glass is reusable.

Bringing Beer

As much as us beer lovers and homebrewers love to bring beer to share and pass around, I’m going to have to put the kibosh on bringing beer to share. We have almost 40 gallons of donated beer to go around, I think it’s best that we do our part to finish that off. I realize asking you all to drink beer is a huge request, but I think you’re all up for it. We’ll have a tasting another time.


As you know this party starts at 6:30, with snacks being provided about 7PM. I didn’t set a specific time for it to end, but I have a feeling the official party will end about 10:30-11PM. This is a working brewery and the brewers starting working early this morning. So I don’t want to overextend our welcome and want to give everyone some time to clean up. I figure after 10:30-11, we can take the party upstairs to the North Bar.


While some awesome snacks will be provided for tonight’s event, all custom designed by Executive Chef Andy White, they will be finger foods used to compliment the beer and to provide some soaking up of the alcohol. My suggestion is to grab a small bite to eat before the event, that way you’re able to sustain drinking a few extra pints tonight.

Be Safe

Please have some sort of designated driver or someone to come pick you up. I want everyone to be able to attend the next party. Everyone have fun tonight, I can’t wait for this to start!

If you’re anything like me, you have too much glassware. Far, far too much. But what if you wanted to narrow it down to just 2 or 3 glasses, do you think you could? Dave emailed me in hopes of trying to find the perfect glassware for his new bar:

I’m currently building a home bar with an intention of having the minimum of glassware type.

I have recently narrowed down my wine glasses to buy to 2. That apparently can serve and enhance all wines. I would like to find a beer glass or 2 or fit the same purpose. At present, I find I need to have about 5 to 10 ‘different’ types of glasses for different beer. Heck, Riedel has about 200 glasses for their wine. WAY TOO MUCH. I think 10 different beer glasses is likewise too much. I presently use a pint glass but want to enjoy and enhance my beer drinking.

If I was forced down to just two glasses, a deserted-island selection, these would be my two choices:

nbelgium.jpgThe first would be the tulip glass from New Belgium Brewery. I find that it provides just about the most perfect beer drinking vessel for almost any style. Enough room to swirl the beer for aroma without spilling any. Enough volume to hold a full beer with a lot of head, which is perfect for your Belgian style beers. Also enough surface area to allow for easy warming if the beer is served too cold. It’s my go-to glass for beers I really want to take time to enjoy. My only issue is that I wish I could find it without a NB logo.

imperialpint.jpgMy second choice is just a standard Imperial Pint Glass. With having two homebrews on tap at any time, it’s nice to walk downstairs and pour off 20oz of beer whenever I like. It also makes drinking things like Pale Ales and Stouts just seem more authentic.

One other thing to possibly consider Dave, since you’re doing a bar with wine as well look at getting some large Champagne flutes. They’re just about the same shape as a pilsner glass and would allow you to do double duty. I’d be curious what everyone else thinks about possible glass choices.

It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled down Watson Road, it’s amazing to see some of the changes. There’s a whole new complex west of the Best Buy and Schnucks, Crestwood Mall is called Crestwood Court (also, it’s interesting that I remember when Crestwood was considered the “nice” mall and South County was the dirt mall, but it seems like they’ve swapped and South County is the nice one now) and the complex that houses Friar Tuck once held a Sport Authority and a Sears store. Anyway, enough of this Andy Rooney-esque rant.

Store: Friar Tuck
Address: 9053 Watson Road, St. Louis, MO 63126 (Map it)
Phone: 314-918-9230
Selection: “Everything that is offered in Missouri”

I’ll be perfectly honest, I was really impressed with Friar Tuck when I first walked in. It’s extremely well organized and very visually appealing. I probably should have snapped some photos of the wine section, but hey, this is a beer blog. After talking to a few to the store manager and assistant store manager, I quickly realized these guys were all about beer as well. They talked to me about what they had, what they’d like to see and even asked me what my dream list of breweries not distributed would be.

They claimed they have acquired every beer that’s currently being distributed in Missouri and after quickly looking over their selection, I’m prone to believe them. While the beer on the shelves is very impressive what also got my attention were the massive beer coolers. If I had to take a guess, about 60% of the beer on the shelves was also available cold.

Some other neat areas of mention was the large line of unbranded glassware they have to offer. Bill and I have discussed this quite a bit, and as we’ve gotten older, we’re not as interested in having advertisements on our beer glassware. I’d like to have glassware I can use for everyday use without looking like I’m still in college. Also mentioned was that they’re going to begin selling homebrewing equipment and ingredients as well.

Be sure to stop in and tell them what you think and what you’d like to see. It’s good to have another option in the excellent St. Louis beer retail scene.