In the past, I’ve joked around and said that Oakville is kind of a beer wasteland in St. Louis. The reality is, there are more than a few places in the metro area that have severe craft beer droughts. Well, the good news for all of you St. Charles and St. Peters people is the city of Cottleville will soon be awash in craft beer.

Exit Six Pub And Brewery is the newest craft beer bar in St. Louis that will not only feature approximately 50 craft beers but also in-house brewed beer as well.  This new craft beer destination will be located at 5055 Hwy N in Cottleville.

Exit Six is the creation of local homebrewer and Garage Brewers Society president, Jeff Britton.  One of Jeff’s first moves was to bring on former Mattingly and Buffalo Brewing Co brewer Jerid Saffell as his head brewer.

“We will be brewing an Amber IPA called Ryanes Red and a vanilla bean infused cream ale for sure,” according to Jerid. Other styles are still in the air, but Jerid promises that future styles brewed on their 1bbl system will be “emphasizing hops.”

The current plan is to have 20 beers on tap, with 5 or 6 beers being crafted in house.  Jerid says, “The remaining taps will be filled with the likes of Stone, Firestone Walker, Bells, Founders, Schlafly, etc.”

Following what’s become a very popular local model, Exit Six will not be offering any food, outside of “snacks such as pretzels, popcorn, and pub mix.”  But you will be able to order or carry in any food you’d like.  Jerid says that they’re looking to create a neighborhood bar.  “This will be a mellow, laid back bar with just a few tv’s to catch the local game, a jukebox at a moderate level,” and most importantly for a lot of us,  “No smoking.”

The current plan is to have Exit Six open by June 1st, and if their slogan of “No Compromise Brewing” is any indication, I don’t think any of us will be disappointed.