Back in November I mentioned that we would probably see a rate hike in the price of beer due to the skyrocketing price of hops and malt. But now it looks like we have something else that’s green causing prices to jump, the US Dollar. It seems that currency rates are causing importers like Shelton Brothers to raise prices to battle the deficit between the Dollar and the Euro.

Paul from the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton let me know that beer prices will be rising from $6 to $27 dollars per case starting in March. Here are just some of the price increases that we’ll be seeing:

  • Brasserie de Rocs all flavors $1.00 / btl
  • Blaugie Darbyste and Epautre…$2.50 / btl
  • Buffalo Stout $1.00
  • Delirium both…$1.50 / 25oz btl and 4pks $1.50
  • Cantillons…$1.00 btl
  • JW Lees in casks….$2.00 btl
  • La Choulette…$2.00 btls
  • St. Bernardus $2-3 / 4pk

If you want to keep a little extra money in your pocket, it may be worthwhile to stock up on some of your favorites now before the March prices kick in.