beerpresidentWell, you’ve gone and done it.  You drunkenly tripped, fell and knocked over a police officer who also happened to be the President’s brother.  You said some things, he said some things and now it’s turned into a national scandal.

In the spirit of hope and a good photo op, the President has invited you to the White House to share a beer and work things out.  Now the press in your face, wondering what beer you want to drink.  What do you pick?

You have two routes you can go down.  One, the beer snob route, is to pick something that’s just awesome.  Washington DC has some awesome beers available that aren’t distributed here in St. Louis.  You could go for some Brooklyn, Russian River, Smuttynose, Stone, or some Southhampton.

Think about cracking open a Russian River Supplication as you explain that the whole problem was merely a sitcom-esque misunderstanding.

Or, the other route you could go is to walk into the Oval Office with two cases of Stag under both arms and then proceed to shotgun beers with the most powerful man in the world.  You could then crank call some world leaders!  But just be certain to stay away from any red buttons.

So, what do you want to drink with the Prez?