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While Perennial Artisan Ales may not yet have a brewery (but they will soon!) that won’t stop them from brewing beer. With the busy beer festival season upon us, Perennial wanted to have something available for the thirsty and curious festivalgoers.

So, Perennial head brewer Phil Wymore contracted with Kirkwood Highlands Brewing Company‘s head brewer Dave Johnson to create the first batch of beer under the Perennial name.  First up?  The Hommel Bier:

Our Hommel Bier defies tradition by combining North American malts, Pacific Northwest hops, and a Belgian yeast strain.  The result is a beer that combines earthy and spicy tones from the yeast with a slight orange note contributed by the hops.  In the hop capital of Belgium, “Hommel” is the word for humulus, the plant genus where hops reside.

Your first chance to try this tradition busting beer will be this Thursday, May 5, from 5-8PM at Kirkwood Highlands.  Brewer/co-owner Phil Wymore will be there to taste and talk ber.  And don’t forget that Perennial is still looking for some great ideas for beers.

buffalologo.gifWorking together is one of the most impressive aspects of the craft beer industry.  They know if they don’t stick together, they could die alone.  In my opinion, there is no city in the US was this is more prevalent than in St. Louis.  I’m always impressed how these guys stick together.

It’s in this spirit of teamwork that collaborations come together.  This time around we have arguably two of the best brewers in St. Louis, Dave Johnson and Drew Huerter, working together to create a truly unique beer at Buffalo Brewing. Dave and Drew have dubbed this beer a “Belgo-American Rye IPA.”  Here’s a description of the beer from Dave:

Made with Golden Promise, Vienna, Honey Malt, and malted Rye. Then we added cane sugar, unrefined hard brown sugar, orange blossom honey, buckwheat honey and generic honey. Its hopped with Magnum, Summit, Mt. Hood, and Centennial. It should be around 6-6.5% depending on where it finishes at the OG was 14.5P.

That is a complex set of ingredients that should prove to be a very distinct end product. This beer should be released next week, so keep checking the STL Hops Twitter feed to see when it is ready to go.

buffalologo.gifNothing says love in brewing like a collaboration.  In this case it’s getting awesome brewers like Drew Huerter, Dave Johnson and Jerid Saffell together to brew up a spicy witbier at Buffalo Brewing just in time for the last few days of August.

This four barrel batch of beer, which features fresh grated orange zest, hand toasted coriander, dried chamomile flowers, and Summit and Hallertau hops was fermented using the Belgian yeast culture from the now defunct Mattingly Brewing Company. According to Jerid, this will be on tap today.

Here’s the stats on this beer:
1.052 OG
16 IBUs
5.0% ABV

This sounds like a perfect treat to sit back and drink while enjoying this wonderful weather we’re having in St. Louis.

stable_128x126.jpgWho’s ready for a roller coaster of emotion? First we had a cask, then we didn’t.  Now it looks like we’re back on again.

O’Fallon brewer extrordinaire Dave Johnson heard about what happened to the Arcadia cask and offered up their O’Fallon Brown Ale on cask for The Stable’s Firkin Friday.

My guess is that this is the O’Town Brown that many of us had a chance to try at the American Amber Launch Party at iTAP.  But I’m being told that this is a one off cask and this will probably be your only chance to try it.

The date for the event is September 25th, starting at 6PM.

highlandsHighland Restaurant and Brewing Company has slowly but steadily making changes to the beers that were previously being brewed at Wm. D. Alandale Brewing Company.  Headbrewer Dave Johnson emailed to inform me about a few news beers coming down the pipe.   The first new beer is one that I’m sure will be a crowd favorite around these parts, a West Coast style IPA.  Dave gives the details:

It is a west coast style IPA made with large additions of Cascade and Chinook hops, 6.2% ABV, 60 IBU’s.

The second beer, sure to quench the summer heat, is a new Bohemian Pilsner.

It’s made with Pilsner and Vienna malt and  large doses of Tettnang and Saaz hops for a crisp bitter finish. 5.2% ABV , 35 IBU’s.

He also let me know we has a Belgian Witte and a Strawberry Blonde in the tanks, so I’m sure we’ll see those hitting the taps soon.

buffalologo.gifAs with a lot of specialty beers brewed at Buffalo Brewing Company Paul Stelmach’s India Brown Ale began its life as a homebrewed beer.  Paul brought a sample of his beer to Buffalo head brewer Dave Johnson who thought the malt profile was perfect, but the hops needed a little tweaking.

So after experimenting a bit, Buffalo now has on an IBA that Paul describes as such:

“This India Brown Ale is a creamy hopped up brown ale with lots of Caramel and Chocolate flavor and is very sessionable. The ABV is 6% with 50 IBUs. It was bittered with CTZ hops but the flavor and aroma came from Cascade and Amarillo and then it was dry hopped with Amarillo and CTZ to balance out the citrus aroma of the Amarillo hops.”

Paul thinks that this beer may go great with a Buffalo burger. Seems like a perfect excuse to visit Buffalo Brewing.

If you were paying attention to the comments over the weekend, you saw that Vancer gave us a huge scoop.  Looks like Wm. D. Alandale Brewing Company has been sold and is now Highland Restaurant and Brewery.  Also turns out that the new Head Brewer at Highland is none other than brewer extraordinaire Dave Johnson.  I emailed Dave to ask him a few questions about Highland, as you can imagine he’s very busy now working at three breweries so I appreciate the quick responses.

highlandWhen did this happen?
About 2 weeks ago
What are the first changes?
A little remodeling
New Menu? Chef?
New menu
What beers do you see coming?
Right now the Rye APA, and I brewed a Pilsner today. More changes later.
How do you keep this venture separate from O’Fallon and Buffalo?
Pretty tough.
Does this mean we don’t see this new venture at Heritage?
We will be there.

Dave promised more information soon.  As someone who lives about 5 minutes from Alandale, I have to say I’m excited about having the Rye IPA just that much closer to my home.