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oshaysBeing around positive people makes you realize that they take pleasure in new experiences. For instance I had my first chance to visit O’Shay’s Pub a few weeks ago. It’s a nice little pub on the edge of the Grove, right next door to the new UCBC facility.

I also had a chance to try the Crown Valley Brewery Imperial Pumpkin Smash for the first time over the weekend. While I’ve always been impressed with the craftsmanship of Crown Valley’s beers, I may have found one of my new favorite pumpkin beers. It’s a wonderful mix of roasted barley that’s balanced quite well with pumpkin spicing.

If you haven’t been able to check out either of these experiences, maybe it’s time you do. And luckily, you can do both this Saturday, September 13th from 7-10PM when O’Shay’s hosts Crown Valley for a Tap Takeover and keep the pint event.

Not only will you get a chance to try the Imperial Pumpkin Smash, but they’ll also have Serrano Sidekick and Gunslinger IPA available as well. Trust me on this one, this is something you’ll want to try even if it’s not your first time.


crownvalleybrewery.gifCrown Valley Brewery will be hosting their second annual Brewmaster’s Dinner on Friday , October 8th. Happy Hour begins at 6PM with the dinner beginning at 7:30PM.

Crown Valley will be offering up a four course meal that will not only pair three different Crown Valley Beer with three different courses, but will also pair the winning beer from the Crown Valley July Homebrewer’s Contest as well. It will also allow you to tour their very impressive brewing facility and meet the brewers that brew the beer.

Tickets for this event at $50 and you must RSVP by calling 573-756-9700.  But, as a courtesy to the readers of STL Hops, Crown Valley is offering a 20% discount off the price of your ticket if they book before September 18th. You just need to be certain to mention STL Hops and the discount code 10810BREW when you call.

Here’s the menu:

Red wine marinated beef strip steak topped with porter sautéed mushrooms
Big Bison marinated bison strip steak layered with caramelized mushrooms garnished with a mushroom cap stuffed with the caramelized onions.
Plowboy Porter

Iceberg Wedge with beer (bleu) cheese dressing and bacon
Broken Treaty Wheat (craft beer winner)

Pan seared pork chops with apples & cider served with celery root mash and asparagus
Hard Cider & Farmhouse Lager

Raspberry and Chocolate mousse rosettes with black sesame butter crunch cookies
Sweet Raspberry wheat

crownvalleybrewery.gifCrown Valley Brewery will be hosting a Super Bowl Party this Sunday night, February 7th starting a 6PM.

Crown Valley will be offering up an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet that will include wings, nachos, burger sliders, bison meatballs, chips & dip, toasted ravioli, cheese & sausage, veggie tray and a bevy of desserts.

Not only will your ticket include all of those snacks, but draught beer will be available all day for $2 per glass.  If the game isn’t exciting enough for you, they’ll be having contests and prizes all game long.

All inclusive tickets for this event are $30 and you must RSVP by calling 573-756-9700.

crownvalleybrewery.gifCrown Valley Brewery will be hosting their inaugural Brewmaster’s Dinner this Friday night, October 2nd.  Happy Hour begins at 6PM with the dinner beginning at 7:30PM.

Crown Valley will be offering up a four course meal that will pay tribute to some of Oktoberfest’s most delicious dishes.  Each course will be paired with a different Crown Valley Beer.

This event will also provide you with the first opportunity to try CV’s newest release, Oktoberfest Beer.  It will also allow you to tour their very impressive brewing facility and meet the brewers that brew the beer.

Tickets for this event at $45 and you must RSVP by calling 573-756-9700.

As you may remember from last week’s post, Crown Valley Brewery opened on May 2nd to the public, but I had a chance to get a sneak peak of the new brewery last Friday evening. Initial impressions are, “Wow.”  There was obviously a lot of love and money put into this venture.

I’ve heard all along that their intention is to become one of the biggest craft breweries in Missouri and based on the equipment I’ve seen, they’ve certainly got the opportunity to take a shot at it.  But only time will tell.

Here are some photos from the VIP event they put on.

crownvalleybrewery.gifWhile you’ve been able to get their beer around town for the past few weeks, it looks like the new Crown Valley Brewery and Distillery will be open for business on May 2nd.

This will provide you with the chance to not only try some of the beer from the newest brewery in Missouri, but to also see the state of the art brewing facility that they have in place at Crown Valley.  Here’s some details about the brewery from the press release:

The 70-foot coppertop tasting bar is the centerpiece in the heart of the brewery. Its surroundings feature rustic alder wood walls, a stone fireplace, high definition televisions and a close-up view of the distillery and bottling line.

But it doesn’t stop there – behind the brewery is our beer garden complete with a fire pit and plenty of seating to enjoy the panoramic countryside.
The Brewery will feature handcrafted beers that include American Blonde Ale, Amber Lager, Porter, Traditional Wheat, Cider, Dubbel and Raspberry Wheat beers – all produced in the state-of-the-art 15-barrel microbrewery.

Sounds like an interesting weekend drive.  Though I will stress that one of my concerns is that this is an hour and a half drive from St. Louis and Crown Valley isn’t offering any food to eat while sampling beers.  Though I’m sure they’ve  had plenty of experience with intoxicated patrons due to wine sampling, it seems to be a major area of concern to have people drinking beer without anything to sop up the alocohol.  Hopefully this isn’t an issue that has been overlooked.


Levar Burton was right, reading is important.  Had I read a little further down the press release I would have seen:

After sampling our beers made exclusively in Ste. Genevieve, guests can visit the country store for sandwiches and salads, Crown Valley gourmet food products and many other Missouri-made items. Or they can relax and indulge in a cup of gourmet coffee that is freshly roasted and brewed on-site.

A warm meal would be nice, but I guess this is better than nothing.

crownvalleybrewery.gifAs many of you know, the Ste. Genevieve mainstay Crown Valley Winery has expanded into the brewing and distilling business. The new Crown Valley Brewery and Distillery and Brewmaster Mark Walters is eager to show off his handy-work.  Here is a list of where you can find some of their beers around St. Louis:



  • Antique Amber Lager –  The Wine Experience Outlet,13216 Tesson Ferry Rd. St Louis (Both Bottled Beers Available)
  • Plowboy Porter –  The Wine Experience, 12478 St. Charles Rock Rd., Bridgeton (Both Bottled Beers Available)

Brewmaster Mark Walters provide me with a description of each beer for your perusal:

Big Bison Ale – Belgian Style Dubbel brewed with German and Belgian Malts and a Trappist yeast strain,noble hops and large amounts of candy sugar. Deep ruby color with hints of dried fruits. (O.G. 17.5 ABV 7.2%)

Worktruck Wheat – Bavarian Style Hefeweizen brewed with all German Malts and hops. Unfiltered with big notes of banana and clove. (O.G. 13.1 ABV 5.2%)

Antique Amber Lager – An American Lager brewed with German Pilsner , Caramel malts and Hallertau Mittlefruh hops. An easy drinking session beer. (O.G.12.5 ABV 5.4%)

Raspberry Wheat – A light bodied American Wheat Beer aged on Oregon Raspberries for a big Raspberry nose but a mild Raspberry flavor. (O.G. 12.0 ABV 5.3%)

Old School Pilsener – Our Bohemian Style Pilsener. Brewed with all German Malts and generous amounts of Czech Saaz. Big hop aroma and flavor. (O.G. 13.8 ABV 5.6%)

Plowboy Porter – An well balanced English style Porter brewed with Pale,Chocolate and caramel malts complimented by English Fuggles. (O.G. 14.0 ABV 5.4%)