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buffalologo.gifIn news that was not unexpected, but still remains disappointing I’ve been told that Buffalo Brewing Company in Midtown is now out of business. The restaurant and brewery, which has been in midtown since 2008, closed its doors as of end of business on Saturday, June 22nd.

While never making a huge splash in the St. Louis beer scene, Buffalo had two excellent head brewers in Dave Johnson and later Dan Stauder. They also created some homegrown talent with brewers Jerid Saffell and Drew Hurter brewing some beer there. In fact, the Buffalo Rye IPA did quite well during the 2010 and 2011 St. Louis Beer Challenge STL Hops puts on each year.

But out of the ashes arises a new brewery. As was originally reported on STL Today, the brewing equipment will be moving to Granite City where the new Six Mile Brewery and Smokehouse will be opening with new ownership in the near future.

I wish luck to the new owners and hope that the equipment will be used to keep churning out some tasty beer.


Do you like drinking beer?  Do you like helping good causes?  What if you could do both?  This isn’t some sort of alcohol fueled delusion, this is an event being called One Fish, Two Fish, Starfish, Brewfish being held on April 9th from 1PM-6PM.

Tickets for Brewfish will cost you $25 and will allow you to not only sample 2 competition- more on that later- beers from four midtown breweries (Schlafly, Buffalo Brewing, Urban Chestnut, and Six Row Brewing) along with shuttle service to all four breweries and five small beers or appetizers.

After you’ve sampled all 8 samples, you’ll be voting on which brewery had the best beer and environment.  Democracy, yay!

Proceeds from this event go to help the Starfish One By One program.  Starfish works to educate Mayan girls from Guatemala.  They hope that the education will help to break the “cycle of poverty” that’s stricken the Mayan girls.

This will provide some great beer and you’re helping good cause, so go out and purchase your ticket at any of the four participating breweries today.

buffalologo.gifWorking together is one of the most impressive aspects of the craft beer industry.  They know if they don’t stick together, they could die alone.  In my opinion, there is no city in the US was this is more prevalent than in St. Louis.  I’m always impressed how these guys stick together.

It’s in this spirit of teamwork that collaborations come together.  This time around we have arguably two of the best brewers in St. Louis, Dave Johnson and Drew Huerter, working together to create a truly unique beer at Buffalo Brewing. Dave and Drew have dubbed this beer a “Belgo-American Rye IPA.”  Here’s a description of the beer from Dave:

Made with Golden Promise, Vienna, Honey Malt, and malted Rye. Then we added cane sugar, unrefined hard brown sugar, orange blossom honey, buckwheat honey and generic honey. Its hopped with Magnum, Summit, Mt. Hood, and Centennial. It should be around 6-6.5% depending on where it finishes at the OG was 14.5P.

That is a complex set of ingredients that should prove to be a very distinct end product. This beer should be released next week, so keep checking the STL Hops Twitter feed to see when it is ready to go.

buffalologo.gifNothing says love in brewing like a collaboration.  In this case it’s getting awesome brewers like Drew Huerter, Dave Johnson and Jerid Saffell together to brew up a spicy witbier at Buffalo Brewing just in time for the last few days of August.

This four barrel batch of beer, which features fresh grated orange zest, hand toasted coriander, dried chamomile flowers, and Summit and Hallertau hops was fermented using the Belgian yeast culture from the now defunct Mattingly Brewing Company. According to Jerid, this will be on tap today.

Here’s the stats on this beer:
1.052 OG
16 IBUs
5.0% ABV

This sounds like a perfect treat to sit back and drink while enjoying this wonderful weather we’re having in St. Louis.

This Friday, July 16th, starting at 6PM, Buffalo Brewing Company will be releasing the next iteration in their experimental beer releases that they’ve dubbed the “Open Range Series.”

This is a new series of beers that will, according to new assistant brewer Jerid Saffell, “be spontaneously released throughout the year.” They’re not going to limit their imaginations for these beers and we’ve been promised that they’ll “encompass a vast amounts of styles.”

Two different beers will be tapped at 6PM, including the Lupulin Storm. Here’s Jerid’s description of the beer:

The latest beer in our Open Range series. This one is a 7.5% American Amber Ale hopped only in the late stages with Amarillo and Centennial hops, but still boasting an IBU rating of 51. Further dry hopped with fresh Centennial hops. This is a small batch beer so no growler sales. Served in snifters.

The second beer to be tapped that night will be a cask of Buffalo Head. Here’s a description:

An overhopped American Wheat beer featuring the citrusy Amarillo hop. Dry hopped at over 1lb per barrel. Served in snifters.

If you enjoy the cask, Buffalo Head will also be available on draught with the option to purchase growlers of the draught version if it strikes your fancy. Looks to be another few dynamite beers coming out of Buffalo Brewing.

This Friday, May 21st, starting at 6PM, Buffalo Brewing Company will be releasing the first in their experimental series that they’ve dubbed the “Open Range Series.”

This is a new series of beers that will, according to new assistant brewer Jerid Saffell, “be spontaneously released throughout the year.” They’re not going to limit their imaginations for these beers and we’ve been promised that they’ll “encompass a vast amounts of styles.”

The first beer to be tapped at 6PM will be the Buffalo Tracks American Wheat. Here’s Jerid’s description of the beer:

Is it a Wheat beer with a hop problem, or a IIPA with an affinity for wheat? You get to be the judge. 4 malts (American 2 Row, Golden Promise, White Wheat, and Honey Malt) set the backdrop at an A.B.V. of 8%. Backing up all that malt are Summit, Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, Cascade, and Citra hops packing a whopping 203 calculated IBU punch. This one has been hopped at nearly every phase possible, even in the Mash Tun. Finishing it all off is our clean fermenting house American Ale yeast.

The second beer to be tapped that night will be the Dear Agony Imperial Stout. This is monster of a beer is over a year old. Here’s a description:

This beer packs an 11% punch. Deep chocolate and dark fruit on the palate with a backdrop of hops are the order here. And although it was brewed at 104 IBU’s the much needed storage on a beer this big has left the bitterness as a balancing agent to the malt as opposed to a distinct flavor in the beer. Although much more was brewed, only a 1/6th barrel (just over 5 gallons) will be served at this time.

And if everyone can drink through the Dear Agony, Jerid will also put on his Amy’s Tripel:

A few years ago a good friend of mine passed away suddenly. Each year I brew a Tripel in her honor. This one has been brewed with organic Raw Hawaiin Cane Sugar and Corriander Blossom Honey along with Pilsner and Wheat Malt with the Belgian Yeast culture from Mattingly Brewing. The honey has lended a unique earthy note to the beer which has been nicely balanced by the phenolics of the Mattingly belgian yeast strain. Strong and complex just like the woman it honors. 10% A.B.V. 28 IBU’s

mattingly_84x128.jpgThe Mattingly Brewing Company may now be producing full scale productions of beer, but that doesn’t stop them from showing off what’s yet to come. Tonight, Head Brewer Drew Huerter and Assistant Brewer Jerid Saffell will be offering up a very special collaboration, the Jefferson Brown Ale.

Jerid gives us a description of the beer:

Friends of the St. Louis Craft beer scene and fellow brewers, one of our own is leaving us. Paul Stelmach, assistant brewer at Buffalo Brewing Company, is heading north to Minnesotta. He has apparantly lined up a new job at Surly Brewing so now we have someone we can bother until we get their beer down here. A few of you may know that I am taking over Pauls position at Buffalo and before he left we thought it would be great to do a bit of a collaboration beer for a peek a brew down at Mattingly.

Paul brought me his fantastic Rye American Brown Ale recipe. Spicy rye and a hint of toasty malt play on 4 different hops (Magnum, Goldings, Ahtanum, and for the dry hop Simcoe). This is a complex beer and pushes the boundries of the American Brown Ale style at 6.5% and 61 IBU’s. Come on out to Mattingly tonight and have a pint with Paul. Lets wish him a grand farewell as he moves on with his brewing career.

Be sure to head out tonight and taste some of Drew, Jerid and Paul’s excellent beer.