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buffalologo.gifIn news that was not unexpected, but still remains disappointing I’ve been told that Buffalo Brewing Company in Midtown is now out of business. The restaurant and brewery, which has been in midtown since 2008, closed its doors as of end of business on Saturday, June 22nd.

While never making a huge splash in the St. Louis beer scene, Buffalo had two excellent head brewers in Dave Johnson and later Dan Stauder. They also created some homegrown talent with brewers Jerid Saffell and Drew Hurter brewing some beer there. In fact, the Buffalo Rye IPA did quite well during the 2010 and 2011 St. Louis Beer Challenge STL Hops puts on each year.

But out of the ashes arises a new brewery. As was originally reported on STL Today, the brewing equipment will be moving to Granite City where the new Six Mile Brewery and Smokehouse will be opening with new ownership in the near future.

I wish luck to the new owners and hope that the equipment will be used to keep churning out some tasty beer.


With a big hat tip to a brewer that shall remain nameless, there was a posting on yesterday at 8PM detailing the auctioning of what looks to be all of the brewing equipment at Tin Mill Brewery out of Hermann, MO. Normally we’d just assume that the brewery is upgrading their equipment and selling off the old stuff.

The problem starts in that the listing on Probrewer offers up the website of, visiting that website details that this isn’t any normal auction but looks to be a foreclosure. Here’s a snippet from the website:

On September 27, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. Central Time, at the Mill Brewing Company, located at 114 Guttenberg, Hermann, MO 65041, the following property of Tin Mill Brewing Company, LLC, a Missouri limited liability company (together with its successors and assigns, the “Debtor”), whether now owned or hereafter acquired, whether now existing or hereafter arising, and wherever located (the “Collateral”), will be sold at public auction on behalf of a foreclosing creditor pursuant to Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code

What’s more fascinating about this is when we placed a call to Tin Mill this morning, they not only sounded open but also busy. To add another complication, the person who picked up on the other end was unaware of any sale of the equipment.

We’ll fully admit that we’re no lawyers, so maybe we’re misinterpreting something. But for right now, this certainly doesn’t look good. More information as we find out.