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perennial-bellsWay back in 2008, Drew Huerter started a little event at Mattingly Brewing Company called Peek-a-Brew. It gave Drew a chance to showcase new and usual beers every Thursday evening. After Mattingly closed, Perennial Artisan Ales took up the mantle and started their Thursday Night Release program providing a platform for new beers to possibly enter the rotation.

And for the past four years, outside of a freak weather-related shut down, Perennial has not missed this Thursday Night Release. That is until now.

Perennial is putting their typical Thursday night on hold for one week for a very special event taking place with Bell’s Brewery. Starting at 4PM this Thursday, March 5th, Bell’s Brewery will be pouring Porter, Smitten, Oarsman Ale, Roundhouse IRA, and a firkin of Hopslam at Perennial.

And while this beer isn’t “new” I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that Perennial will be pouring Coffee Abraxas. That sounds like a fair trade to me. Delicious Bell’s beers and Coffee Abraxas. I’m sure this is something Drew would approve of.

royale-weblogo-300x163There is no shortage of things to do on Valentine’s Day if you’re a beer fan. But what if you’re not into sour beers? What’s a malt or hop lover to do?

Well Bell’s Brewery and The Royale are looking to make your Valentine’s Day a bit more hoppy by throwing a “For the Love of Beer” event tomorrow night. The Royale will be tapping a keg of Hopslam and a keg of their newest seasonal Smitten.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’ll also be tapping a keg of the rare Wheat Love wheatwine.  Here’s the description of the beer:

Bell’s Wheat Project (2005) is an experimental foray into the development of complex flavors in beer. The Project comprises five new ales, four in series and one specialty strong product. The first four, Wheat 2, Wheat 4, Wheat 6 and Wheat eight are all made using 55% Wheat (either wholly or mostly malted) and 45% Barley malt. The barley malt makeup is exactly the same in each of the four and consists of three different malts.

The total amount of grain in each of the four is also exactly the same, so each of them should have a virtually identical original gravity. The type and amount of hops in each of the four is exactly the same. And the processing through the brewhouse and fermentation is also exactly the same. The changing factors between the ales are the composition of the 55% of wheat used and the type and number of yeast strains used. In Wheat 2 the 55% of wheat is made up of two different kinds of wheat malt, and this ale is made with two different yeasts. Wheat 4 is made with four different wheats and four yeasts. Wheat six and eight made with six and eight wheats and yeasts respectively.

The final product, Bell’s Wheat Love Ale, is made with the eight yeasts of Wheat eight and is a strong, but relatively light colored, “wheatwine.” 2. Basic Content List for the Wheat Series Wheat Two Wheats: White, Dark Yeast: Bell’s house ale strain, WLP410 Belgian Wit II Wheat Four Wheats: White, Victory, Toasted sprouts, Torrefied Yeast: WLP550 Belgian, WLP570 Golden, Wheat Two blend Wheat Six Wheats: White, Dark, Toasted sprouts, Torrefied, Red, Caramel Yeast: WLP500 Trappist, WLP530 Abbey, Wheat Four blend Wheat Eight Wheats: White, Dark, Victory, Toasted sprouts, Torrefied, Red, Caramel, Chocolate Yeast: WLP4000 Belgian Wit I, WLP565 Saison, Wheat Six blend.

They will be tapping this wheatwine tomorrow at 6PM. Maybe it’s the next beer for you to fall in love with, just don’t let it break your heart.